Boston: Tech and Terror

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 8.37.02 AMSuch a horrible event yesterday, in Boston. Many of us were first alerted to the explosion by a tweet or a news headline displayed on our smartphones. What followed was continuing coverage on the news channels, twitter feeds, and the internet.

Horrific events have (sadly) often occurred over the years. But at no time in history have these events been so well documented.

Not only are cities blanketed with security cameras, but nearly every person has a smartphone in their pocket, with camera capability. Instead of relying on a single cameraman sent from a news outlet, we have hundreds of videos from countless perspectives, all filming the event as it unfolds.

I think we live in an age of Big Brother on Steroids. Cameras are everywhere.

But in a situation like this, this tech-of-the-times is probably a good thing. I have to believe that with all the hours of video that the authorities will collect, they will be able to find … to witness … the bomber doing the deed.

I admit that I am sometimes creeped out by all the cameras, but usually I just don’t think about it anymore. I know London, for example, is almost entirely covered by cameras (not including the private ones). Many other cities are not far behind.

I suppose this is necessary in today’s world. But how sad that it is.


11 thoughts on “Boston: Tech and Terror

  1. I’m appalled at what happened in Boston. There are some very sick people living in this world when they can do this to other innocent human beings. I hope the people responsible are found and dealt with severely.

    • I saw the picture of that little boy, Martin, holding up a sign calling for Peace and to stop the violence. How sad that he became a victim of the very thing he made his poster about.

  2. So very sad that it is necessary in today’s world. I remember a less stress-filled time. But, yes. Maybe because of all the technology, someone will get to the bottom of this horror.

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