Flying iPad Impales Car Bumper and Still Works

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 8.47.02 AMHaven’t we all wished for things? Imagine wishing for an iPad, and then having it fly into your car. Really? Really!

Apparently, Alexa Crisa, a resident of Georgia, was driving down the road when an unidentified object flew at her car. We’ve all had that experience, and she just dismissed it as road garbage.

But this was not your typical road garbage.

According to Atlanta’s ABC57 news, this “garbage” was an iPad, and it’s impact with the car embedded it into the car’s bumper.

Once she discovered the iPad attached to her bumper, (can you imagine?) she needed a hammer to dislodge it. A hammer!

And then the Magic…..

It turned on. 🙂 She opened an app, found the name of the owner and gave him a call.

Why was that iPad flying down the road in the first place?

Well, apparently the owner had set it on the top of his car and then drove off, forgetting it was on the roof. Ouch!!! I’ve been there. I did that once with a cake. And my son did that with his cell phone.

I learned my lesson and try to never set things on the car roof anymore, and I’m guessing that this iPad owner will never use the car roof again, either. 🙂

If you have had this experience ….. I hope you’ll share!

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


18 thoughts on “Flying iPad Impales Car Bumper and Still Works

  1. Oh, I think almost everyone has had an experience of leaving something on one’s car roof. I did it with house keys! Not my cleverest moment 🙂 I cannot believe that iPad still worked! Incredible. Quite an advertisement for them.

  2. I’ve never heard of anyone driving off with a cake on their roof! That’s a good one. My husband lost a cell phone to road kill, as it seems so have a lot of other people. But a flying iPad! Inconceivable! By the way, thanks so much for your like!

  3. Yup, done it with a pair of shoes, and with a basket! How I could have missed such big stuff I don’t know… but an i-pad is such a ditsy little thing … very easy! what a fun story !!!

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