Incest Prevention? Yes, Indeed. There’s an App for That.

photo credit: wiki how

photo credit: wiki how

If you haven’t said it yourself, you’ve probably heard the expression “there’s an app for that.” And there usually is. You want a timer? a map? a reminder? a recipe maker? How about a public bathroom finder or a dog whistle? It seems that whatever you can dream…. there’s an app for that.

But recently I learned of an app that surprised me. It’s an “incest prevention” app (yes, really) … available only in Iceland.

It seems that (in all seriousness) Iceland has a unique need for such an app, and here’s why:

The population is rather small, only 320,000 people, and family names are not representative of family groups. In other words, in the US for example, a person’s last name has traditionally been the same as the father’s, and his last name would be the same as his father, and so on. But in Iceland the last name is constructed from the mother’s or father’s FIRST name, with a “son” or “dottir” added as a suffix. So even close relatives have different last names.

Over the years, Iceland has developed The Book of Icelanders, containing the genealogical data of almost every single resident. Using this as a starting point, a group of three Software Engineering students at the University of Iceland created this app.

How does it work?

Well, if two people are interested in taking their relationship to a more ‘serious’ level, they both lift their phones and ‘bump’ them together. The app will then let them know if they are related or not. It goes without saying that this would be valuable information to the relationship-wanna-bes. 🙂

Iceland’s Incest Prevention App Gets People to Bump their Phones Before Bumping in Bed

There’s An Anti-Incest App In Iceland So You Don’t Sleep With Your Cousin

Anti-incest App Built by Iceland College Students

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM

16 thoughts on “Incest Prevention? Yes, Indeed. There’s an App for That.

  1. I have a friend from Iceland, and have always wondered about this custom. Her last name is Friedrichsdottir. Her brother’s would be Friedrichsson, I believe. I’ve never heard of this anywhere else, myself. I can see where an app to sort out geneology would be helpful. Like you said, there’s one for everything.

      • Yeah, you really have no family name to trace back, and keeping track has got to be nearly impossible, when you live anywhere larger than a village. I think I read that there was some sort of movement afoot to change their whole naming structure in order to be more in line with the rest of the world (and things that make sense), but that there are a lot of people interested in preserving the status quo because it is part of their history. I can see both points of view, I think.

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