Weekend Distraction: Van Gogh Tiles and Monet Tiles for iPad and iPhone

Photo Skitch Document-4Last weekend, I suggested a tour through an art museum as a “Weekend Distraction.” This weekend I’m continuing the “art” theme as I share two puzzle games: Van Gogh Tiles (and Monet Tiles).

One of my readers, Christine, suggested that I try Monet Tiles. (I love to get recommendations!) I downloaded it at once, along with it’s companion app, Van Gogh Tiles. Same game, just (obviously) two different artists.

You are given 3 different ways to solve the puzzle of a scrambled painting. Easiest to hardest. That’s 3 different puzzle approaches to EACH painting. And there are many paintings to solve in each app.

The easiest puzzle presents you with a tiled picture, and you must rearrange the tiles to solve the puzzle. Just tap two tiles to swap their positions. As you work, if you need a peek at the actual painting, just touch the “view” button on the bottom right side of the screen, and the painting will appear so that you can develop your plan to solve the puzzle.

Photo Skitch Document-1

Here (below) is the screen view of the full painting after tapping “view”. Just tap the picture again, and it returns to your puzzle.

Photo Skitch Document

The “medium” puzzle requires you to rotate the tiles. Again, you can always tap “view” to give yourself clues.

Photo Skitch Document-2

And finally, the hardest puzzle form is a combination of both rotate AND swap the tiles.

Photo Skitch Document-3

This is a lovely, relaxing puzzle game. (My only objection disappointment is that when you initially open the game, you are greeted with an advertisement that you have to close. Not a big deal, but, note-to-developer: it seems to me that if you are paying for a game you should not have to close an ad.)

Van Gogh Tiles is $1.99 in the iTunes store.

Monet Tiles is $1.99 in the iTunes store.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


5 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Van Gogh Tiles and Monet Tiles for iPad and iPhone

  1. mine were free, at least the first levels were free … but i guess app prices differ from country to country …. i do really enjoy the beauty of the artwork and the thrill of seeing all those brilliant little blocks of colour 🙂 … very comprehensive review shairchair … well done!

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