Keyboard Hints for your iPhone and iPad

As part of my month-long anniversary series, some posts will include information covered previously. Hopefully this way new readers get to see things they missed and older readers might be reminded of things they have forgotten. (This “forgetting” thing happens to me, too!)

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 8.22.37 PMTwo of the earliest posts on this blog were quite simple but also quite helpful.

First, how to lock the caps key on the keyboard of your iPhone or iPad, so you don’t have to keep tapping it in order to type a series capital letters.

Although no one likes to read a “shout” (typing in all caps), sometimes it is necessary to type that way. And when you do, it is as simple as a double-tap.

To type in caps, just double tap the up-arrow. It will turn blue. When it is blue, any typing you do will be in caps. To return to regular-type, just tap it again.

Photo Skitch Document-5

Another handy hint that I often forget about (until I need it!) is how to find an umlaut or tilde or other little letter-symbols on your iPad or iPhone keyboard.

Here is how to find an umlaut et al:

Just tap and HOLD your finger on a letter. If there are surprises to be found, they will pop up and you can select them. Here is a screen shot as I held the “U”.

Try it yourself and see what you find. Not all letters harbor surprises, but many of them do. 🙂

Photo Skitch Document-6

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM

15 thoughts on “Keyboard Hints for your iPhone and iPad

  1. While on the topic of keyboards … I use SWYPE on my Samsung so the other day I sent my boss a message which should have read ‘SAA is back online’ and it came out as ‘ass is back online’. Fortunately he has a good sense of humour. And then with a group of friends there was a whole lot of confusion when cuppacake came out as duplicate. Moral of the story – always read through your messages before sending them.

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