How to Set Bookmarks on your iPhone

Yesterday’s blog post covered how to set bookmarks on your iPad. I was going to include the iPhone in that post, but the bookmarking process is just different enough to deserve its own post.

How to set up bookmarks on the iPhone:

Go to your favorite website in Safari. For this example, I chose Goodreads.

Tap the action-arrow at the bottom of the screen.


Photo Skitch Document-10


Several choices will pop up. Select Bookmark.


Photo Skitch Document-11


This new screen (below) will pop up. It gives you the opportunity to re-name the bookmark. Once you do (or don’t do) this, just tap ‘save’.


Photo Skitch Document-14


When you want to SEE the websites that you have bookmarked, just open Safari and tap on the BOOK symbol on the bottom of the page.


Photo Skitch Document-12


You will see all of your bookmarked websites (and a few that Apple has already bookmarked for you). Tap on any of them, and you are taken to the linked website.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM

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  1. Thank you ~ I love when you make everything so easy to understand and even easier to do! Hope all is well with you! ♥

  2. Another thing I didn’t know! Wow, you are soon going to know how little I do know! :) Maybe the next post I will already know! (hope, hope, hope!!!) :)

    • I may “know” some things …. but the trick is to remember to use them. Or simply to remember them. I have to look back at my own blog sometimes to remember how to do something!

      • haha You must have read my last comment before I even wrote it! :) How do you do THAT, BTW? Is there an ap for that? haha :)


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