Weekend Distraction: Can Knockdown 3 for iPhone and iPad

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 6.26.31 PMI enjoy a game that requires little or no learning curve, and something I can dip in and out of without any thought or fuss.

Can Knockdown 3 is a game that meets these criteria.

You are given three baseballs and your job is to knock down some cans. Simple, right?

It is simple at first, as you are given the opportunity to learn how to toss the ball, and get comfortable with the ‘weight’ of the ball, and figure out the best tosses to get it to your target.

But as you move along, the cans (of course) grow in number, and are stacked creatively, making it more difficult to knock down the batch. Continuing on, you’ll come across more challenges, such as swinging obstacles, or special switches. There are cans that blow up and cans that score you an extra ball.

This is a physics puzzler, and it’s up to you to figure out the best spot to place your shot in order to tumble the most cans.

It’s a good go-to when you have a few moments of time to kill. But be warned… you may find yourself spending far more time tossing balls than you expect!

Can Knockdown 3 is 99¢ in the iTunes Store and works on both the iPhone and the iPad


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