How Do You Use Your iPhone?

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On the left you see a picture that I found on the internet (with no credit, sorry). It shows the iPhone battery used as a chart to depict the way this person is using his/her phone.

This made me think …. How do I use my iPhone? How is my time divided?

If I made a pie chart for my phone usage, the biggest hunk of time would be for listening to Podcasts and Music. I listen every day, usually for an hour or two while I am getting ready for the day or perhaps doing some chores around the house.

The next two biggest slices of pie represent Texting and Maps. I use a maps app often (I just love how that little blue dot shows me where I am), and Texting is something I use quite frequently. I enjoy “reaching out to touch someone” as much as I happily enjoy receiving an incoming text. It’s nice to know that someone is thinking of me and wants to share a moment. πŸ™‚

While I generally don’t play games on my phone, I do play Words With Friends (a lot), so I guess my guilty pleasure game slice might be a bit larger than the sliver I originally thought it would be. (If any reader would like to play Words with Friends with me, just message me through my contact page with your Words with Friends ID.)

I often use the phone to check on the weather, breaking news stories, and maybe peek at the stock market. I might look up the hours of a store, or a yelp review for a restaurant, so I guess I’ll count all this as internet surfing, taking up a small (but vital!) portion of my phone time.

Reading on my iPhone is not something I do regularly, but I always have a book ready-to-go in my Kindle App, so that if I’m caught waiting somewhere I have my book to read (and this has come in very handy … many, many times).

The Camera on the iPhone is quite good and I use it often. I especially enjoy having the ability to share something immediately with a photo and a text message. I’m always delighted to receive a photo/message from someone as they are doing something that they enjoy. What a thrill to receive a photo from a traveling friend as she stands in front of the Grand Canyon, but it can also be as simple as sharing a picture of a delicious dessert. Texting a photo makes us feel closer and that is priceless.

Reminders and Lists and Notes and the Calendar. These don’t take up a lot of time, but I use them often (depend on them!) and they keep me organized and functional.

And finally, the Phone. The actually talking-into-it phone part of the iPhone. While it’s certainly handy to have a phone function on the iPhone πŸ˜† , I don’t actually spend much time using it.

So here’s my very informal breakdown:

Blank Skitch Document

If you have a moment, I’d love to know how you use your phone. Mostly for ….. what?? Do you use it for talking to actual people :lol:? Playing games? Listening to music? Watching videos? Organizing? Twittering? Facebooking? Inquiring minds…

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


34 thoughts on “How Do You Use Your iPhone?

  1. Well, I was never a texter, but now I am. I use my phone for work, for chatting, for texting. occasionally if I’m waiting for the kids to exit practice, I’ll pay a game for 2 of bejeweled. I use to it check email when I’m on the road, to find what appts I have on my calendar and to check availability. I often use the camera, especially for sky shots! I like to check the weather and listen to music too! πŸ™‚ I like to check the tips from your blog as well on it! πŸ™‚

  2. Well, here would be one of the things we are not much alike on, SC. I do most of the things that you do, with the exception of playing a lot of music these days, but I do them on my PC. Unless, of course, I’m ensconced in the Comfy Chair with a lap full of dogs and cats, in which case, I will switch to using the phone so I don’t have to get up.

    I definitely use my phone for talking a lot more than you. My mother, for one, has no other means of communication with me. I really only listen to music in the car, since I spend a lot of the day writing, and prefer the house to be quiet. I don’t play games very much on the phone OR the pc. I do read my email on the phone in the evenings, again when I’m not at my desk, and I text from it, of course. I love sending (and receiving) photos with a text, too. I use the camera all the time. I take a lot of pictures.

    I have a Garmin I rely on in the car, so I seldom use the maps on my phone. (I always drive, so need something big and hands free). I read on the phone once in a while, but like you, use my Kindle most of the time. I love the calendar and list functions, but don’t spend hours on them, or anything. And I don’t even know what Words With Friends is, I’m afraid.

    What I do MOST OF ALL…you are gonna love this…is Pimp My Phone! Hahaha. I could download wallpapers, shelves, and ringtones all day long! And I use them. I change them out daily. Sometimes more than once a day. (I get tired of seeing the same thing. I’m easily bored…what a Simple Tool I am.) And I look up things online while I’m watching TV shows, like the name of an actor I can’t remember, or how old a certain person is that I just saw in a commercial.

    I guess that would give me a HUGE Pimp My Phone slice of pie, a pretty big camera & videos slice, a smaller but significant talking on the phone slice, and everything else is…tiny. But I wish that battery icon in the photo was available so I could double check my guesses.

    • Sounds like you do lots of stuff with your phone. I agree that the Garmin is much better in the car if you are the solo driver. I’m only looking at the blue dot when I am on foot or a passenger. As for pimping …. that’s fun, and I don’t do it often enough. A change is long overdue.

      • I do the pimping thing on my pc, to. I’m never happy unless I have some “pretty” around. Right now, I’m running a rotating wallsaver program with photos of Mac, Handsome, and scenes from my book. They inspire me. (Especially Mac, of course). But I have hundreds of garden pictures and waterfalls and stuff I run all the time. My wallpaper changes every ten minutes. (I prefer the rotating wallpaper to a screen saver because it doesn’t slow down my computer as much.) And in the summer, I run tropical scenes from the Seychelles and Fiji and stuff. Seasonal & holiday stuff, too. I’m such a dork. Real computer geeks laugh at me.

  3. Texting, photography, surfing, a little phone, a lot of blog reading. I’ve tried to do my blog from the iPhone and iPad, but I can’t get how to link. I’m not giving up though. Sorry no pie chart. I am mathematically challenged as well as link challenged! ;-). Alastair is my hero in that respect.

  4. Here’s my deal… I still refuse to buy a data plan for my phone. I have a Nokia x2 which looks like a blackberry. I use my actual phone to talk about 40%, texting 40%, games 15%, and 5% other apps. I do have an iPod touch which pretty much does everything the iPhone does except function as a phone. I use it heavily for Internet surfing, email, podcasts, music (love the amazon cloud app). In fact , I’m using it now to reply to this. But yeah, as for my phone… I really do use it as a phone.

    • Ha! That’s cheating! Your iPod Touch counts as a phone. So we’ll tape your phone to the back of the Touch …. and poof! You have an iPhone. πŸ˜† And you do all the stuff I do and more! I haven’t tried Amazon’s cloud app. I must look into that. πŸ™‚

      • Lol, I have heard there is an app that can make calls on it. Plus I suppose with face time and Skype, you can talk to others on it. I just have it tied to my home wi-if and at work I usually log on as a guest to the nearby university’s network if I bring it with me. I just don’t pay my cell carrier for 24/7 access.

        The cloud player app is pretty awesome. Do check it out, especially if you do buy music through amazon. I love that I don’t have to constantly synch music from my computer to my iPod since all my mp3 purchases are accessible through the cloud player.

  5. cyberbonn says:

    love my i … WWFriends, camera more than adequate but find reading quite a squint esp after a while…good post

  6. Whats an iphone … okay just joking. When I wake up first thing in the morning my iphone alarm has woken me up. It tells me: the weather for the day, who has visited my blog, who has tweeted me, who has sent me a text or email, who has called (rare), what day it is, who has a birthday, what I forgot to do yesterday and what I have to do today. Then I switch to music and go back to sleep for 20 minutes until my iphone wakes me up again! Fairly accurate. So I’m guessing for me it’s my connector of incoming and upcoming things. I use other items to connect back. Tweetdeck, WordPress reader, etc. I take a lot of photographs with my iphone, and do text a fair amount. I guess that sums it up. Cool post, I always learn something here. I love how you spend your time with your iphone! πŸ™‚

    • You reminded me that I use my iPhone as an alarm, too. And yes…. all those notifications are waiting there in the morning. And reminders, too. I love the way you put it: “my connector of incoming and upcoming things”. Perfect!

    • I love how you say “actually talking to someone.” It’s funny how our ‘phones’ could really be called cameras-with-a-phone or email-checker-with-a-phone since the phone function is no longer the most-used. πŸ™‚

  7. I ue my iPhone for everything, but then again I do work for a wireless carrier. The main thing I use my iphone for is Facebook, taking family photos, email and calendaring.

  8. I read, surf the web to settle arguments about who’s right when I’m driving with my husband, maps I use constantly, camera – when I don’t have my regular one with me or want to text someone a picture, email, WP, FB, Linkedin, alarm, timer, flashlight, Farkle, dropbox (though not so much since I’m not working), YELP, text, oh yes, and phone to name a few things!

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