Have an Apple 1 in your Attic?

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 6.12.38 PMToday an Apple 1 computer sold for $671,400 in Germany. Made in 1976, this computer originally sold for $666 (that is $2,700 in today’s dollars). Last November, this same auction house sold an Apple 1 for $640,000, so today’s sale is a new record.

The original owner, now 84 and living in New Orleans, only parted with this machine earlier this year when a man approached him and negotiated a price of $40,000. It was this new owner who got it working and signed by Steve Wozniak… and then sold it at the auction house today for $671,400. (Whoa! I’m thinking that the New Orleans fellow was a little under-paid)

An interesting prequel to this story is that Steve Jobs himself tried to buy back the Apple 1 in 1978, offering an Apple II plus $400 as in incentive. The New Orleans gentleman turned that offer down, and held on to his machine until earlier this year.

Only 200 Apple 1’s were made, and these original machines are scarce today (only about 46 remain). Even though most are accounted for, I like to think there are still a few sitting around, tucked in an attic and undiscovered. Sadly, my attic is not harboring this treasure, but if yours is ….. I’ll happily accept a finder’s fee 😆 .

Vintage Apple-1 Sells for Record $671,400

Working Apple 1 Computer Sells for Record Auction Price of $671,400

Apple 1 from 1976 signed by Wozniak sells for $650,000


9 thoughts on “Have an Apple 1 in your Attic?

  1. Holy, Moly! Is that REALLY what it looked like? That’s hilarious in itself. But, sadly, I don’t have one hanging about in my attic. Maybe an old IBM Selectric, or a Royal manual typewriter….:D.

    • yes… that’s how it looked. Built with wood. I think if someone stumbled across one of these they might think it was just a constructed as a silly joke, and not think of it as real, at all.

    • Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it. It’s true… the computer can’t even ‘do’ anything. I guess it will just sit there as …. I dunno. Art? I think I read it was bought by a ‘middle eastern’ very very rich guy. I’m guessing this purchase was made with his loose pocket change.

  2. I don’t think I even knew what a computer was in 1976. I may have had an electric typewriter. I got my first Commodore 64 in 1985, and I felt like a tech guru! hahaha

      • hahaha My dad got one first, and he started lecturing me on computer terminology – with no computer to look at. My brain was on overload! Then I got one. Loved it because I could type and erase, then print. The printer was awful, and hard to read, and I would still find mistakes, and have to reprint. Remember the paper – all connected with little perforations that didn’t always tear straight? hahaha And I was really feeling like an advanced techy! 🙂

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