Where in the World is …… You! Explore the World with GeoGuessr

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 7.13.23 PMRecently I was told about an addictive new game on the internet (thanks, Jason!) and in spite of having a long list of things I should be doing, I haven’t been able to stay away from this new diversion for very long. This is not an app. It is a website, to enjoy on your computer or any other device.

Remember Where’s Waldo? There’s no fellow in a striped shirt in this game. Instead, you have to figure out where YOU are, and that could be anywhere in the world (actually, to be very specific, you could be anywhere in the world that google has mapped.)

The game screen opens up with a Google-street view of …… someplace.

It is YOUR job to figure out where in the world you have been dropped.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 6.15.22 PM

You can look for clues. Well, actually, you SHOULD look for clues (unless of course you have been dropped in front of something obvious, like the Eiffel Tower πŸ˜† )

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 7.26.32 PM

You can do all the things that you can normally do with Google street view. You can continue down the street. You can read street signs. Move around. Look around. Are there palm trees? Snow? Mountains? Sea? Look left, look right, look all around, 360 degrees.

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 12.12.29 PM

Once you think you know where you are, it’s time to take a guess.

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 7.11.35 PM

When you are ready to make a guess, look at the map on the screen. Just zoom in to the spot where you think you are and click on it. Tap on “make guess” and the game will show you where you (virtually) are AND draw a line from the actual spot to the spot where you guessed you are. I’ve missed most times by thousands of miles.

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 4.16.25 PM

A complete game is 5 guesses, but of course you can just stop in for just one or two.

The best I ever did was guess within 800 miles. (I picked Germany, but the google map had dropped me in Finland) Oops.

Explore the world with Geoguessr. πŸ™‚

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Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


29 thoughts on “Where in the World is …… You! Explore the World with GeoGuessr

  1. I’m not big on most games, but this looks like FUN. I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing, and for taking the time to show us how it’s done. You rock, SC!

    • ARRRRRRRRRGGH. I had it just about figured out!!! I saw am American flag right away, so that was a huge help. It was obviously out west. Streets with names like Butte and RedRock, and a dirt poor area with pick up trucks and rusty trailers. I was really homing in on where I was, when I click to zoom and ended up…BACK HERE!!! I was going to SKUNK you, Sharechair!! You would have been RUINED BY ENVY! Gack. Going off to SULK now.

      • Played another game and guessed a Ukranian location, and it was a Russian one. But I got 2084 points. Then I found out I hadn’t really lost the first game after all. It had gotten kicked down to my task bar. So I finished it, too. I thought SURE it was somewhere in Arizona, but it turned out to be outside of Bakersfield, CA. I still got 2291 points, though. So…YAY, me! SC, this could turn into a serious addiction. And it will be ALLLL your fault! πŸ˜€

        • Wow… you are GOOD! You have skunked me, for sure. Not only have I done poorly, 😦 , but I’ve never even felt confident about a guess. Yet. I’m telling myself that I’ve just been “unlucky” with the places that I have been dropped. Today I’m going to nail one. I just know it! πŸ˜†

          • Ha. I’m not going to be very good for long, I can tell you. I was VERY lucky with the first one. I saw am American flag outside of a tiny, run-down post office right away, so that put me in the right country pretty quickly. Plus the old pick-up trucks and cars looked American. The hills looked like something out of Afghanistan, brown and dead and totally without trees, so I figured southwest. Finally, I just guessed somewhere in Arizona. I never thought about parts of California looking like that.

            The second one had millions of signs, all in the Cyrillic alphabet so I figured Russia or that area, too. But then I thought about Greece’s weird alphabet (My apologies to those of you to whom it isn’t weird). A quick look showed me lots of spruces and other evergreens. Not Greece. So I went with the Ukraine, for some reason. Just guessing. I was still a long way away, but at least in the right part of the world.

            This could become seriously addicting. A person could save lots of money, SC, by just staying home and pretending she was going all these places.

  2. Uh Oh, this looks like way too much fun. I’m not even going to open the site for fear that I’ll get nothing done for the rest of the day. Well, maybe just a quick look. No, no I won’t. Oh dear, do you see what you’ve done to me know

  3. Okay, SC. I just finished playing a full five-game round, and I got a total score of 10,250 points. I got every country right, but not the part of the country. The thing that made me maddest was one of them, I uncovered a sign that said St. John’s and another with Newfoundland, but I couldn’t find St. John’s on the map. I had it too large to see it. WAH. I just clicked on Labrador/Newfoundland, and only saw where St. John’s was when they gave me the answer. WAH. I knew that one! Totally knew it. The others were guesses. Like I saw English signs, but cars driving on the left, and speed limits in kms, so based on the weird trees, which I thought MIGHT be gum trees, I guessed Australia, which was right. But I was on the wrong side of the country.

    This could definitely be a major time-suck in my life, you know. I’ll get you for this!!!!

    • Every country right!! Whoa… you are GOOD. I did one yesterday where I just ‘knew’ it was Ohio. I was sure it was Ohio. It looked like Ohio. It felt like Ohio. At the last second, I clicked on Idaho (don’t know why I second guessed myself). And it was.. OHIO. Darn! That would have been my first perfect one. Gotta go with my instincts, I guess. But you are amazing!

      • Not to worry. I had one later on in a new series that was a country road. Period. Not a sign. Not a flag. Not a single recognizable building. Just trees. Trees, trees, and more trees, and I couldn’t even figure out what kind of trees they were. I was clueless. I quit.

        I was really lucky to find signs in most of them that at least let me know if I was in an English speaking country or not. That was a major help. Then in one case when it was obvious that they were driving on the WRONG side of the street (hahaha), I started thinking U. K. or Australia, and the vegetation made me guess the latter. But one side of Australia is a long way from another, so I still didn’t get but 2,000-something points. I want to NAIL one. I should have NAILED the St. John’s one, which, btw, you would have gotten, too, because there were at least four signs on the street saying “St. John’s” this or that. And there were at least two that said Newfoundland/Labrador. So if I could have found it on the map (which YOU probably would have), I would have nailed it. But I didn’t.

        It’s obvious that some of these have far fewer clues than others. Which brings me to the question, are these total random Google pictures? Or are they chosen for their levels of difficulty? Do you know, Miss Introducer of Addictive Games?

  4. This looks like great fun. What a great tool for kids. Nobody really teaches geography any more – no time! This is awesome! Granted I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m suspecting that I would be like Marcia, and there would go several hours! πŸ™‚

  5. Sharechair! I’m becoming like an EXPERT at this game! Hahahaha. I got 61,000+ points on the last one. I actually hit one town on the dot!! Exactly! I saw a sign that said Anfield on it, and I recognized that as being a town in England. I checked the map and there it was! Right by Liverpool! And I got REALLY close on several others…like within 50 miles. That was my best round.

    Of course, I also had a couple more of those endless country roads with no hints anywhere. One of them, I placed in the right country…lucky guess. But another one, I was so far off I only got like 100 points.

    This is the most addictive thing I’ve ever seen. It makes you feel like a detective and an adventurer and an armchair traveler all at once. I love it. I have had to restrict myself from even opening it up during the day.

      • *singing*
        I am..the Champion…of the woooooooorrrrrrlllld!

        Hahaha. The first game I’ve ever been good at, besides Trivial Pursuit. (I have a head stuffed full of totally useless information.)

    • It is a lot of fun…. you feel like a detective looking for clues. A few times I was absolutely SURE and then discovered I was about 7 thousand miles off. 😯

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