Weekend Distraction: Dots for iPhone

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 8.05.16 AM

I was looking at the New York Times Tech page and to my surprise, they had a large headline featuring a game. I don’t usually notice games highlighted on their tech page, so my curiosity was instantly piqued and I downloaded it to see what all the fuss was about.

Dots, a Highly Addictive Game, Passes 3 Million Players

How to play? Connect as many colored dots as you can. That’s it. Go!

The game can be played on your iPhone or iPad, but the iPhone version (at this time) is MUCH better. (The dots on the iPad are just too small. The developers promise a new iPad version, soon.)

There is a time limit, and you try to beat your score. A few “extras” are provided to add a little time, or remove a dot, but basically you want to keep connecting dots. As you do, those dots disappear, and more dots drop down.

The more dots you connect… the higher the score.

A multi-player option allows you to pass the device and see who can get the better score on the same screen of dots.

A great game for passing some time, riding on the bus or subway, or anywhere else you need to lose a few minutes.

Sound effects are fun, too. 🙂

Dots is free in the iTunes store.


16 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Dots for iPhone

    • not really. My best score is about 155 … in the New York Times article people are talking about scores in the 400’s. But it’s fun. For a few minutes. Especially the phone version… it vibrates. 🙂

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