International Travel? How to Fix the Settings on your iPhone to Avoid Unexpected Charges

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 9.05.02 AMThe last time I left the US, I was concerned about the settings on my iPhone. I had heard about nightmare charges and I certainly didn’t want any surprises when I returned home. After some helpful instructions at my local AT&T store (thank you, Walter!), I was able to travel and use my iPhone with confidence.

Most important lesson? Make sure you turn OFF the data. That is where the charges can get crazy.

I had always been instructed to use Airplane mode, but I’ve learned that to be extra sure, it’s best to take the next step and turn off all data.

Here is how you turn off the cellular data:

Go to Settings > General

Photo Skitch Document-1

On the next screen, you’ll find Cellular and notice that it is “on”.

Select Cellular.

Photo Skitch Document

This will bring you to the Cellular screen. Select “off” for ALL THREE choices.

Cellular Data > off

Enable LTE > off

Data Roaming > off

Photo Skitch Document-2

Leave those settings on “off” for the entire time you are out of the country. If you find a wireless area, you can connect to wireless without turning on any of those cellular buttons.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


10 thoughts on “International Travel? How to Fix the Settings on your iPhone to Avoid Unexpected Charges

  1. I wish I were going to some exotic locale, but not this year. Or next. 😦 But when the time comes, I now know what to do, thanks to you, O’ Queen of All Things technical. We will benefit from the time you took to learn this, and everything you post on here. THANKS!

  2. Daniela says:

    Whether one does or does not have iPhone or knows much/little about it all, what I always love about your posts is how helpful and honest they are -:)!

  3. Thanks Kathy. That’s good to know. Long, long ago I racked up hundreds of dollars in domestic charges when I THOUGHT I had service to Oregon, and it was out of my area! That taught me that it’s always a good idea to check when you travel!!!! (even when it’s close!)

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