Weekend Distraction: Across Lite Crosswords for iPad

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.34.55 AMI have never been any good at crossword puzzles, but it is a skill I’ve always admired. Over the years I would often pick up a puzzle with great expectations only to put it down incomplete, frustrated and disappointed.

And then I found “Across Lite”.

First of all, I love the way it works (and it looks beautiful on the iPad). The letters appear down the sides (although you can choose a standard keyboard if you would prefer). There are many settings, and I have mine set to tell me if a letter is incorrect. This has been extremely helpful as I work through these puzzles.

But the real thrill for me was an upgrade that I purchased within the app to help me learn how to do these puzzles (Learn to do Crosswords for $1.99). There are tricks and tips, and although I thought I “knew” how to do a crossword (I was just very very bad at it) …. there has been a lot for me to learn. I have watched my skill grow as I advanced through the puzzles.

As you can see in the screenshot below, some instructions appear before you begin. Gradually the puzzles get harder, and to my surprise, I definitely see an improvement in my skill.

Photo Skitch Document-12

Here is another screenshot without the yellow instructions hanging over it. The game has many options and you can set it perfectly for your own skill level.

Photo Skitch Document-13

If you are really serious about learning to do crosswords, Across Lite also offers a training app with outstanding reviews. It has a hefty price tag, $6.99, and I have not tried it, myself. But if you are interested, here is a link to that.

I’m really enjoying Across Lite Crosswords .. the free version (with a learn-to upgrade).

Across Lite Crosswords is Free in the iTunes Store

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


9 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Across Lite Crosswords for iPad

  1. Oh, my. I am a Crossword Addict. I have been all my life, I think. I love them, and Sundays are always made better at my house by the fact that there are two in the paper, instead of one, and both are much harder than the daily ones. If something happens to the Sunday paper before I get my hands on the puzzles, I’m in a very bad temper for a bit! I tried a few crossword apps on my phone, but they were less than satisfactory, being beginner level, and awkward to use. I wonder if this app would work on an iPhone? Should be okay on a PC, right? Word games are a real weakness of mine. Thanks for this info.

    • Sorry, Marcia, it doesn’t work on an iPhone (probably the screen is just too small), BUT I do know that they have a computer version that is very well reviewed. You might enjoy that. 🙂

      • I’m definitely going to check it out. I’ve been looking for the ultimate crossword app. Thanks for the info. (I owe you an email, but Mark has been home for the long weekend, and I’m behind. Catch ya soon, though!)

  2. I have never been any good at crosswords but my mom is.

    I have nominated you for The Loyal Reader Award. Please stop by and claim you award as soon as you can!

    • Thank you for the nomination. I am so far behind in awards, I think it is a hopeless cause. But in spite of my lack of organization, please know that I do appreciate it!

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