What’s All This Fuss about Candy Crush? (I don’t get it)

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 12.44.48 PMI am a fan of match-three games, so when I heard about the popular Candy Crush, and learned that it was free, I downloaded it (of course).

But now I’m flummoxed. I just don’t get it.

Candy Crush is a runaway smash. It seems like the whole world of computer/mobile gaming is widely enthusiastic about this “goodie”.

The numbers speak for themselves: Apparently (according to Business Insider), Candy Crush is no. 3 in the Apple App store and is the top game on Facebook. It has 44 million monthly active users. It’s played more than 600 million times a day and is bringing in an estimated $633,000 every day. Whoa! That’s some crazy numbers. 😯

The game is a simple match-3 set up, with a few twists and various goals. But it’s also a sneaky money-grabber, offering extra levels or tools at pivotal points in your game…. for $$$ of course.

The best explanation I’ve see of the addictive nature of this game can be found here.

I really don’t mind paying for a good game. I’ve bought a few match-three type games over the years that I really enjoyed. But I paid that money up front, and that $ bought me the game…. the whole game… to enjoy completely. I find this pay-as-you-play model rather disturbing. I do not like it. I think it’s a dangerous model for the consumer of such apps in that they can spend far more $ than they had ever intended to in the first place.

So I played some free Candy Crush. I’m only on level 22, but this is enough for me.

I just don’t get why it’s so appealing to so many, and why on earth they are willing to spend extra dollars every day just to gain the power, points or turns to move on to the next level. I’ve enjoyed other match-three games much more, so I’ll say it again: I just don’t get it.

$663,000 a day???? Β None from me.

I’m deleting it.

Candy Crushers out there? What’s the deal?


18 thoughts on “What’s All This Fuss about Candy Crush? (I don’t get it)

  1. I’m with you, SC. I don’t get it, either. But then, I don’t enjoy most computer games, unless they deal with words. I like words. I love words. I’ll even play computer hangman games. πŸ˜€

    But not much else, so at least I know that Candy Crush won’t be conning me out of any extra money. I have enough things that do that. (Books, plants, my grandkids, hahaha) Thanks for explaining what it’s all about, though. I’ve seen it around, and now I know. Walk on by.

  2. I think it’s really crazy to pay to play games, virtual or otherwise. But then, I don’t get any of the virtual games. I was talked into trying Farmville and Cityville, and soon found they’re not for me. Especially Cityville. It kept me awake at night, because I kept seeing those little people walking around and around, in my head, all night long! Talk about nightmares!

  3. I haven’t tried it so I am completely clueless but I have friends who are addicted. I get invitatiins on FB from friends all the time, so I guess I’ll have to check it out sometime. My problem is, every time I see pictures of that candy, it makes me want to munch some.

    • I don’t need pictures to make me want to eat candy. I have a huge sweet tooth. I try to tell myself that eating chocolate is good for me (I know I read that somewhere!) so I eat some each day as faithfully as a vitamin. πŸ˜†

  4. I’ve like some other match-3 games, too, and I tried this one, because my 15 year-old son got hooked on it (temporarily, I think). And, just like you, I didn’t get it, at all. Thanks for speaking out for the Clueless-about-Candy-Crush Crowd.

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