Choosing a Keyboard for your iPad: What do you use?

Screen shot 2013-07-14 at 8.56.12 AMDo you do a lot of typing on your iPad?

Do you use a keyboard?

There are many different styles of keyboards to use with an iPad.

Some keyboards are actually included as part of a case. The good: you always have it with you. The bad: you always have it with you (making the iPad a bit heavier and less portable).

There are also external stand-alone keyboards. The good: they are often full size, familiar-to-your-fingers type keyboards. The bad: because they are stand-alone, you’ll need a stand for your iPad, and you’ll need to bring along all the pieces if you need to travel.

In addition to the case-included keyboards and stand-alone keyboards are many others, all attempting to give you the best typing experience combined with ease of use and a best effort to maintain portability.

I have often been asked for advice in choosing a keyboard, and unfortunately I have none. No opinion. No advice. Nada. I still use my notebook computer for my heavy typing, and so I have had no need to select a keyboard.

Most recently, Lori, one of my friendly blog readers asked the question: I want to get an external keyboard to use to write stories. What do you recommend for keyboards (that might double as a case)

It’s a great question, and I am quite curious myself.

So please please, readers-of-this-blog, if you have a keyboard that you use with your iPad, would you please tell us about it?  Both Lori and I would be very interested in what you have to share …..

And in the meantime,  here are several relatively recent links to some great reviews about iPad keyboards.

9 best iPad Keyboards: March 2013 ZDNet

Buying Guide: Find the best iPad keyboard March 2013 Macworld

Five Best iPad Keyboards lifehacker

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


6 thoughts on “Choosing a Keyboard for your iPad: What do you use?

  1. I have a separate bluetooth keyboard which my tablet stands up in. It is very useful in meetings to jot down notes or minutes but other than that I don’t use it much. I also use my laptop for most work where lots of typing is needed or for posting in WP 🙂

    • Jacquie … Lori posted another question for you, but since you might not look back, I thought I’ll try this under “reply” so you see it in your notifications. You can take a look at her question, but basically she wants to know if you find your iPad set-up stable…?

      • Hi. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would have missed it otherwise. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy and yes, it is very stable in the keyboard as long as it is on a flat surface. It is not very practical if I am working on my lap. Sorry it took me so long to spot this!

  2. Jacqui, I looked at some like that. I want to use the iPad in my lap at meetings I will be attending. I am afraid if I lean over to pick up a pen or something, I would tip the keyboard and my iPad would hit the floor. Do you find it is very stable?

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