What is this Vine thing I’ve been hearing about?

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 8.59.16 AMUp until recently, when I heard the word “Vine”, I would think of a trellis full of ivy.

But no more. Vine is a new and very popular video-sharing app with a bit of a twist.

Videos are only 6 seconds long, and they loop. They are easily shared through social media, and judged by the popularity of the app, they are being shared by the boatload.

The App is free, and videos are filmed through the app, and then shared.

Even if you are not a maker-of-videos or a sharer-of-videos, the App is surprisingly fun to use. I am continually amazed at the creativeness of people as I browse through the videos. Since the videos are only 6 seconds long, you can do a lot of looking in under a minute.

You can browse by topics, as the screenshot below demonstrates. There are many more categories as you scroll down when in the actual app.

You can look at: comedy, art & experimental, cats, dogs, family, beauty & fashion, food, health & fitness, nature, music, news & politics, special FX, sports, urban, and weird.

Photo Skitch Document-1

Recently, WordPress published a new how-to for embedding Vines into our blog posts, so with that in mind, I have included two Vines that made me laugh.

*** when viewing these, the “default” is without sound. But the sound ‘makes’ the video, so please roll your cursor over the video on the top left hand corner. You will see a little sound icon set to ‘off’. Tap it to turn on the sound….. then, I promise a big smile for both of these Vine videos. 🙂

I hope you were able to find the sound button (upper left hand corner). It would be nice if they would change that for the future, and include the sound when the Vine is shared.

However …. when watching videos on your Vine app, the sound automatically is included as you are viewing. So scroll through the app and enjoy!

Here is another… remember the sound button!

Vine for the iPhone is FREE in the iTunes store

14 thoughts on “What is this Vine thing I’ve been hearing about?

  1. Those are cute! Now I know what happens to the remote! 🙂 I’ve been suspecting that ever since I found my house keys in between the seat cushions. Yep! Guilty couch! 🙂

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