Google Maps Update, now supports iPad and adds new EXPLORE feature

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 8.58.09 AMHurray! Google Maps has now arrived in its full glory for the iPad…. and it is feature-rich and wonderful.

Most people are now quite familiar with Google maps and the street view option. On the google map for iPad, just type in your address OR hold your finger on a spot.

Once you have the map on the screen, touch the address box, and it will bring you to another screen with more information and a street view box. By tapping on the street view box you will be given a full-screen street view page. The photos below take you through these easy steps:

First I tapped a spot near Central Park:

Photo Skitch Document-2

Then I tapped the box with the full address, and it brought me here:

Photo Skitch Document-3

Did you notice the street view rectangle on the (above) screen? Tap on that and you get a full page street view. Easy, breezy!

Photo Skitch Document-4

If you look at a particular location, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you get a mountain of information. Note the street view, photos, reviews, directions, and link to the Museum’s website.

Photo Skitch Document-5

There is SO MUCH MORE to love about Google Maps for iPad. Traffic view, transit directions, turn by turn navigation, biking maps, walking maps… all easy to use.

And with this new version comes a new feature: EXPLORE

To use EXPLORE, first take the map to the general location that you want to explore.

Then tap in the search bar, and the EXPLORE screen will drop down.

Photo Skitch Document-6

Now that you see the “Explore” box, touch it, and a new world will open for you. 🙂

Photo Skitch Document-7

This EXPLORE feature is now also available on Google Maps on your iPhone, so be sure to update your Google Maps app.

Google Maps now for the iPhone AND iPad, Free in the iTunes store

10 thoughts on “Google Maps Update, now supports iPad and adds new EXPLORE feature

  1. You can begin to imagine how many hours of my life Google Street View has consumed. I always tell myself I’ll just go around the next bend or to the next block and then I’ll stop. I love going to have a look at places that I have visited or lived in – brings back so many memories …

  2. this is amazing, wow, i can’t wait for my next chance to try it out … since i don’t have a smartphone i don’t have those smart city apps, but this one will be perfect on the ipad! S always checks where we are going on street view before we leave home, but that is no help for finding new things when you are there …

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