Medications to Remember? RxmindMe has never let me down

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 8.48.25 PMThere are many things that happen to us as we age. The iPhone is useless for most of those things 😯 , but it can help in one way … reminding us to take our ever increasing pile of medication.

Up until recently, I didn’t need any reminding. I had a few pills to swallow, and I took them when I thought of it. And if I forgot? No big deal.

But several years ago a new med was introduced into my life, and this one is important. It’s important to take it daily, and it’s important that it not be forgotten….. absolutely no “whoopses” allowed.

And so, back those many moons ago, I downloaded this app to help me remember. Although there are lots of alarms on our phones, and lots of apps with alarms, this is a dedicated-medicine-reminder.

Set up the reminder precisely according to your medical schedule. Daily? Hourly? Weekly? Specific Dates? Monthly? or customize the alarms exactly as you need.

Photo Skitch Document-16

This reminder has saved me many times. I have set it with a unique sound (included in the app).

While you are being notified with the sound, a message appears on the screen to remind you visually.

This is a set-it and forget-it kind of app. I never go to it or open it or fiddle with it once I have added the medication I need, and to my delight, it has never ‘forgotten’ to remind me. 🙂

RxMindMe is FREE in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPad

8 thoughts on “Medications to Remember? RxmindMe has never let me down

  1. That’s a good one for people who take care of their ailing parents, too! 🙂 What a great idea. Sorry you need something you can’t forget, though. You seem WAY too young for that! 🙂

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