Unplugging: DIY or pay $$$?

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 8.47.11 AMIf you wanted to unplug, if you wanted a break from the texting, the videoing, the emails, the phone calling, the alerts and the barrage of information that comes your way every day, how would you go about it?

Or, perhaps a better question would be: could you do that?

Some people find it very difficult impossible to disconnect themselves.

But these unplug-wannabees have a new outlet: Tech-Free Camp where people pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy a few unplugged days.

The participants engage in a variety of activities at camp. One activity that everyone seems to really enjoy is called…… (wait for it)….. conversation. That’s conversation with no interruptions, no distractions, no fact-checking on iPhones, no cameras, no photos to share and no beeping alarms or alerts.

Several tech-free camps/retreats have cropped up all around the country. You can read more about them by clicking on either of the following links:

At Tech-Free Camps, People Pay Hundreds to Unplug

Getting Away from It All: Tech-Free Summer Camp

How about you? Have you ever wanted to unplug … completely… for a while? Could you do-it-yourself? Have you tried it?

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20 thoughts on “Unplugging: DIY or pay $$$?

  1. Hmmmm. Interesting. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever want to be that unplugged. I like knowing a picture of my new grandson could pop up on my phone at any time, and someone could email me comments on one of my poems, or a recipe they just discovered. I’m fully plugged in and loving it. (It’s easier on my old bones than the physical social life I had when I was younger). But say, for one wild & crazy moment, I did want to unplug. Well, I’d just leave the dogs with the neighbors and go camping. Without my iPhone. (As if.) Or hiking, or canoeing, or spend the day in my garden, instead of inside where everything is coming at me. Cheaper. Easier. And I’m in control of how long I can stand being away from my precious devices. (Of course, camping without a book to read at night would be silly, so I’d HAVE to sneak my Kindle into my backpack. *snort*)

    I fail.

      • Yeah, EPIC fail on my part. And I’m not leaving my iPhone behind, either. What if something happened to one of my grandchildren? Like maybe Kaelen rolled over for the first time and Erin wanted me to see him? Oh, yeah, and of course, any emergency things, too. 😀

  2. This is interesting. My choice is to not be connected with a cell phone – but don’t take away my laptop with internet. I could get pretty nasty – but I’m not addicted. I could give it up – if I wanted to. 😀

    • I’m guessing that many wilderness hikers embrace the technology for the gps ability. It must be funny to camp in the wilderness but still hear some beeping and electronic dinging from the die-hards in the next campsite. 🙂

    • That’s an interesting thought, Terry. I don’t know if it would help me sleep to unplug, though…. I’m afraid that I would worry that I might be missing something! 🙂

  3. Because we often travel to places without Internet I unplug. But even though it’s forced, I’m glad for those times & enjoy the break and quality 1-on1 time with my husband & friends!

  4. Perish the thought! Unplugged!! For days!! I have problems enough with that at home! Maybe if people want to stay home and get unplugged they should try Wild Blue as an Internet provider. It’s expensive, AND you can enjoy the comforts of home!

  5. Great thought provoking post but it’s scary,too. People need to have some down time. I do it on the weekends. It’s my time to relax and not think about what is happening on the WWW or with people. If I get company we do fun things that don’t require electronics. It’s a sad testament when people have to go to a camp to learn something that was common: conversation. ~~~~~ : – O

    • It is a bit wacky, I agree. To have to pay to have tech-free conversation? But I have heard from the 30-somethings in my life that within every party, every bar-gathering, every coffee-shop group, the smart phones are busy as people are fact-checking or texting or whatever even as they sit face to face with others. Your weekends sound delightful!

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