The Google Maps Car was (maybe) Mapping my Street?

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 8.41.20 PM

As I left the house this afternoon to do an errand, what did I see driving past my house?

The Google Maps Car!

It drove right by, at regular speed. I wonder… was it mapping for street view? or just riding by?

I contained my impulse to follow the car, so the picture I am sharing was not taken by me,
but this is exactly what the car looked like.

First I noticed the tall round camera sticking up off the roof, and I actually thought the thought, “that looks like a google camera.” Then my eyes slid down and saw the awesomely-decorated car. 🙂

Anyone else ever see a google map-car in “real life”?

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


13 thoughts on “The Google Maps Car was (maybe) Mapping my Street?

  1. yes I have seen one too (not here in the country … in the city on visit) … it does look funny! I wonder if your car will appear on the street view image in future?

    • That’s what Cindy (above you) also suggested, that my car might be in the picture. I’ll be sure to check my street view every now and then. It probably takes a while to get updated, don’t you think? The street view they did of my street was only about two years ago. I’m surprised that they would do it again so soon.)

  2. KidazzleInk says:

    I’ve never seen one and would you believe I didn’t even know they had a car like that running around. I guess I’ve just never really given it much thought…..interesting!

    • They must have a huge fleet of cars like this, doing it all over the world. I’m surprised they are doing it again ….the current street view picture of my street is only about 2 years old. Now you made me think… I’m curious about how many cars they have. Something else to look up! 😆

    • I sure do understand your sentiment. The first time I realized that my home was visible on the Street view, I got quite distraught. I’ve come to accept it, now, however, and I do absolutely love the ability to “pre-walk” cities and places where I travel. And … even more important to me… as a genealogy nut, I love looking at the homes where ancestors lived. But many, many people object to the whole idea … even entire countries have opted-out of the mapping, so you have lots of company! 🙂

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