Target Starts Video on Demand

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 3.12.39 PMThe choices are many … and here comes another.

There are oodles of video sources for our devices. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes all instantly come to mind.

Walmart has a digital rent-or-buy service called VuDu, and Target is now countering with its own video-on-demand service. It is called Target Ticket and will allow you to rent or buy digital content such as TV shows or movies.

Target Ticket is currently just for invited guests (as they work out the bugs), but it is expected to go ‘live’, soon, with 15,000 titles. According to all I have read, it appears as though they will be a rent-or-buy model, not a pay-a-fee and watch-all-you-want like Netflix.

I have been using Netflix for years, and I am happy with their model. I also stream with Amazon Prime, and although there is overlap, I often find things that are only available on one or the other. My buying/renting experiences have all been through iTunes, and it’s worked flawlessly. So I’m happy. With all of that, and the ‘station’ apps like ABC, NBC, PBS, etc., well, I have all the video I need. More than enough, really.

But clearly Target thinks there is room for another, and so they will soon be joining the party. (Apparently those of us with Apple devices might find their service a bit glitchy to use with some extra steps needed (i.e. downloading to a computer, first?), but Android users will have no troubles.)

The only thing I see that Target is offering to make anyone want to use their service over another is an incentive of a 5% discount if you use the Target REDcard to make your digital purchases.

That is not incentive enough for me. I’m happy with Netflix and Amazon Prime for my streaming, and iTunes for the buying. I don’t have a Target REDcard, and I do not intend to get one. But with all these competitors now in the digital market, maybe we will start seeing some REAL incentives to go with one service or the other. Now, THAT would be worthwhile!

Target Ticket is still only for beta invited guests, but it will be going live sometime soon.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 7.27.02 PM


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