17 thoughts on “Attention All Kindle App Users: MUST do this before updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS7

  1. ok, SC, I am having a problem with my apple password, and I can’t even upgrade my aps, so I quit trying. I went in yesterday and change my password, and tried it again several times after my email told me it was done successfully. It was not. So I remain frustrated. The email on my account when the box comes up is also different than the email they send the directions for changing the password, yet I don’t know how to change the email that comes up on the box – or the one that gets the apple mail. Can you help me? Otherwise uploading a new operating system is a moot point for me. 🙂

    • Sounds like you have an issue that is well beyond my meager skills. Do you have an Apple store near you? I would absolutely walk in there and let them straighten it out for you.

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