Apple Announces New iPhones and Release Date for iOS7

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 7.36.50 AMYesterday Apple announced it’s newest phone, but as rumors had predicted, there wasn’t just one… there were two.

One is an upgrade to the iPhone 5 and this phone includes a home button that acts as a fingerprint sensor.

The other is a cheaper version of the iPhone 5, with plastic cases in a variety of colors.

If you are interested in getting a new phone, you can click on this link to compare the models now available, including prices and features: Compare iPhone models

Other news is that we now know the release date for the new operating system. It will be ready for downloading on September 18.

I think that iOS7 is MUCH bigger news than the new phones.

You will be able to download iOS7 if you have any of the following devices: an iPhone 4 or later, the iPad 2 or later, 5th generation iPod touch or the mini iPad.

Among the changes coming: new alerts and ringtones, improvements to Siri, a new control center, new icons, and many of the best Apple apps will be free such as iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

The design has been referred to as “radically different”, so…..

Once the new operating system releases, I’ll be going through it s-l-o-w-l-y, and addressing each new function on this blog.

Since they are promising new features AND new design, there is a lot to swallow. Remember, this is a blog for regular people, and us regular folks need to take our time so that we (me ! ) don’t get overwhelmed. 😆

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM


17 thoughts on “Apple Announces New iPhones and Release Date for iOS7

  1. Okay, tell me again…I’m sure you have already said this, but I’m old, and forget things easily…is this download of the new system mandatory? I mean, will our old systems still function? I’m confused. Take pity on me…………………:lol:

    • Oh, no, Marcia, it is not mandatory. But it is a good idea to keep up with the latest version of the operating system or else you might find that some of your apps will loose their functions. There’s no rush, tho. We’ll get you through it. Promise! 🙂

      • Oh, good. I like to be sure I understand something before I make changes in what I already know how to use. Thanks, SC! I’ll be watching your posts with even greater interest than usual.

    • Sort of, but not quite. You’ll get the new design, etc, but some features, like Siri are simply not available on your phone. But you absolutely will get lots of new goodies. Of course, until you straighten out your download issue, you won’t be able to upgrade your OS. 😦

      • SC, I have Siri (I LOVE it!) on my iPhone, and I have a 4. Mark does, too. I got it instead of the 5 because it was less than half the cost, and had Siri and most features I wanted. The biggest difference when I compared the two was the storage size. And the better camera, though my 4 does take video. Perhaps there was a later upgrade to 4? (Hi, Marsha)

          • Oh, you are probably right, SC. I totally forgot about the S designation. I’m pretty sure that’s what I have. My bad! 😳

            Going off now to be quiet and quit bothering you. I should have known you’d never make a mistake like that. Blame it on an awful day yesterday and no sleep last night. Like 3 hours. 😯

  2. The release of iOS7 is causing a huge stir in my school, it’s even divided my tutor group with some being really excited and others dismissing it as Apple nonsense!
    It will be interesting seeing what happens later on this week…..

    • It will be interesting. I always get a little nervous because I so clearly remember (I’m so old!) when updates were disasters leading to crashes and all kind of messes. But I know things are different, now, and I’ll hold my breath and push that “update” button! 😯

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