iOS7 : Caution!

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It won’t be long now, (hours), until the new operating system is released and millions of people will rush to install it. (There is a good chance that by the time you read this blog post the iOS7 will already be available.)

This is a significant update.

I plan to download it soon, but maybe not right away. Not day one. Maybe not even day two. I am a cautious device user, and I’ll be watching the tech blogs to see how it is being accepted on the iPhones and iPads.

You can’t take it back off, so if it messes with your stuff, you will be very unhappy.

I’m not alone in my caution. To help you decide what is best for you, here is a great article for you to read: (and yes, I suggest you read it.)

Here’s why you shouldn’t upgrade to iOS7 … yet

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7 thoughts on “iOS7 : Caution!

  1. Thanks, I almost always wait awhile just to be sure problems don’t pop up. I let the other people be the risk takers. I didn’t realize the update was scheduled so soon, but then I don’t keep up with these things. I want to update my other apps first and just wait to see how it all goes over.

    • I admit I hold my breath when updating anything. I remember so well in the past the crashes and the messes and the big “failed” signs or computer blue screens. I still hesitate … the operating system on my notebook computer is woefully outdated. I understand your sentiments completely!

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