My iOS 7 Update Adventure

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First of all… my update/syncing history.

When the iPod touch was first released, wayyyy before the iPhone, I was right there happily enjoying my wondrous new device. There was absolutely no updating “over the air” at that time. You had to have iTunes on your computer, you bought your music and/or apps through iTunes, and you had to plug in your device to move those purchases over to the Touch.

Enter the iPhone. In the beginning, the syncing was done exactly the same way.

And so, when they introduced “over the air” updating, I stubbornly stuck to my computer syncing. After all, it had always worked for me, so why would I change? (change is not easy for me :shock:)

But time moves on, and eventually I caught up with the present. Once I updated over wifi I never looked back.

Until today.

Worried about the “bigness” of this update, I reverted back to those old days, and I thought it would be better, (safer?), to do it via the computer. Silly me.

Bottom line…. my computer sync failed. I was getting messages about a full start up disc and something else. Let me be clear, here. The failure was completely the fault of MY computer, not the iPhone.

So I UNplugged and just took a leap of faith and updated over wifi.

Happily I had no issues at all.

The update was relatively quick (well under a half hour) and smooth. No complications!

At first sight: It is definitely different … the icons are all redesigned. Not sure how I like it yet, I think it will take some getting used to.

So now I will start exploring features, and I will report back, here, one at a time…..

Here’s a little help with updating if you need it:

How to Upgrade to iOS 7

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11 thoughts on “My iOS 7 Update Adventure

  1. Al says:

    I am still trying to get used to the changes to 7. Some aspects I really love, whilst others I detest. I hope there will be a way to change the message windows from plain boring and irritating white.

        • Oh my …that’s interesting. I had one of my texting contacts “re-named” and for a while I couldn’t even find it to correct it. I finally did, but I’m baffled as to how that happened in the first place. At least all the major functions are working. The rest we’ll learn. 🙂

          • Al says:

            The camera is certainly going to take some getting used to. I also like being able to swipe up and down from the lock screen. Removing working apps is fun though. I started some running just so that I could close them. I know, silly.

            I’m not sure if I like the fact that you can make the program groups deeper and deeper.

  2. mylifeinfocusblog says:

    did it via my MacBook (ihave an iPhone4) no prob. all work great. except didn’t sync my iCal. can’t get my appointments onto my iPhone. but being that i have very little to do in my life, it’s fine. 🙂

  3. cyberbonn says:

    Just thought I’d give you a mini update …. yesterday, saw friend’s updated iPhone and may take the plunge soon (have 4 to update so may just do one and see how it goes) 😉

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