How to Automatically Update Apps in iOS 7 (or not)

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 3.45.31 PMI have always been a lazy app updater, and my update badge was often an annoying reminder that I had to do the deed and update a bunch of apps.

There were times that it got as high as 80-something.
(yes, I’m THAT lazy, and as an app-junkie, it can get quite messy. 😯 ).

And so, one feature of iOS 7 that I think I will enjoy is the opportunity to now set your apps to automatically update.

Many people choose NOT to use this feature, because sometime app updates can be undesirable. (They might take away a feature that you enjoy, for example). But in my experience, I’ve only had a problem one time, back when I was updating regularly. So, considering those odds, I’ve decided to go ahead and activate the automatic update feature.

Here is how to automatically update your apps in iOS 7:

Navigate to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads

Here you will find the switch for UPDATES.

If you DO want to have your apps update automatically, slide the switch to the right to make it green.

If you want to continue to do it yourself, slide to the left (off).

Photo Skitch Document

For now, I’m automatically updating. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Important note: Just under the this automatic download area, there is a “cellular data” button. I have that turned OFF. I don’t want my apps updating using cellular data, that might run into $. I want them only to update over wifi. Therefore, I have this cellular button turned OFF.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM

12 thoughts on “How to Automatically Update Apps in iOS 7 (or not)

  1. I have come to dread updates on iTunes itself. This last update messed up the look of my music and I would love to undo it!! I wish Apple would give us a glimpse before updating, so we can see what the changes are that we are downloading. However, if (when) I have to buy a new laptop it would automatically come with the new changes. So much for choice!! 😀 (Yes, I know this comment doesn’t have a thing to do with the new iPhone!!)

    • You have a LOT of company. We get used to what we have, and often these updates seem more like an inconvenience, not making it better. I agree with you about iTunes. When I tried to sync my phone with it, I couldn’t find the screen that shows you the phone. I was really frustrated. I had to go to another source and google a question to figure it out. I got really grumpy. 😯

  2. cyberbonn says:

    thx for all the info about i07…I will continue to read and share them…but I have decided not to update, I hear that it is not faster and the 4S is working just fine for me…I am sure I will at some point…maybe when I get the 5S which is a possibility in the near future – then I will have no choice

    • That is exactly what I have recommended to many of my friends as well. At some point, if you ever get a new iPhone, you will be forced into it. But for now there really is no reason to update. So far I see absolutely nothing that would be a “must”. In my opinion … you have a good plan!

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