Doodle on Photos with Photo Editor-

Image-1Early last year I recommended Skitch as a great app to use for drawing on photos. I used it often and was excited about sharing it. Recently they “upgraded” it and have rendered it almost useless. I assume they will fix it again, but in the meantime, I needed another easy-to-use photo editor. And I found a great one! Yay!

So now I’m enjoying this new (to me) photo-editing app, called Photo Editor-. It is free, although you can buy extra tweeks. So far, I have bought nothing, and I’m very happy with the functionality of the app exactly the way it is (w/o extras). I can crop, enhance, eliminate red eye, and do many other common photo-things.

AND …..With this app you can also easily add text, change the color of the text, resize the text and place it anywhere on the photo.

AND…… You also have the ability to draw on a photo, changing the thickness of your line and the color, as well.

AND … for extra fun, they have “stickers”. A beginner “pack” is included with the free version. I grabbed a plain picture of the Simpsons off of the internet, and had fun adding all kinds of little extras on them. I added the speech bubble and text, Bart’s hat, Maggie’s Groucho face, Marge’s glasses, Homer’s tie and 3D glasses and Lisa’s sombrero. Imagine the fun with your own family photos. (I almost used my own family for this post, but I thought better of it. 😯 )


Once you finish editing your photo, you are given many options of what to do with your masterpiece. You can email it, tweet it, facebook it, or save it.

I’m delighted to have a good draw-on-it photo app again.

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 7.12.12 PMPhoto Editor- is free in the iTunes store.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM


12 thoughts on “Doodle on Photos with Photo Editor-

  1. I’m pretty sure you doctored another photo here, too…right? Someone…fuzzier? Who probably doesn’t really wear glasses? (Though the crown might be every day attire!)

    Thanks for the info. I can do a lot of this and more in my big proggie, but it’s nice to have smaller apps with lots of functionality. I’m hoping this will work on the iPhone, too.

  2. Glenda Palmer says:

    HI Sharechair
    I’ve been looking for something just like the Photo Editor app. Having fun with it already. Thanks for another good tip. I am wondering – can I have a hint where to find the speech/thought bubble? Also, thanks to your reviews I have decided to wait to download iOS7 to my iPad 2 until I have two projects behind me in November.
    Regards,, Glenda from B.C.

    • Hi, Glenda! Thanks so much for your kind words. The speech bubble (actually several different speech bubbles) are part of the pack of free stickers. You must download the free stickers (within the app). Then they will appear across the bottom and you just slide whichever you want up to your photo. The speech bubbles are all the way near the end, you have to slide the stickers to the left to see them all. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

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