iOS 7 Folders: Now with Infinite Possibilities

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 6.02.13 PM On this blog we will be exploring one feature of iOS 7 at a time, and so every few days I’ll toss another here on the blog to look at more closely.

Just ONE at a time.

Slow and steady.

That’s how we “everyday folks” can cope with all this stuff. 🙂

Finally!! Something about iOS 7 that makes me very happy.

Folders can now hold an infinite number of apps. This means less clutter on the screens.

I have a lot of apps, and this “infinity” approach will greatly help my organization.

Hurray for folders with NO limits. 🙂

(If you are brand new to your iPhone or iPad, you can learn how to make folders, here.)

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM


7 thoughts on “iOS 7 Folders: Now with Infinite Possibilities

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m happy when you’re happy, I think….but I am nowhere near folders yet. Husband promised to call Apple today for info on how to delete a contact when there is no edit button.

    • When you look at a contact, you should be able to delete it. Tap the edit button on the top right and then scroll ALL the way to the bottom and you should see “delete contact”. I can’t imagine why you are not seeing an edit button. I’ll be interested to hear what you learn.

  2. RW says:

    I know it’s nuts, but I have no edit or delete button when I bring up contacts. I have IOS7 on ipad3.

    New system – taking Tylenol when necessary. tiny lol

    • weird weird weird WEIRD. I have the same iOS7 on iPad 3, and “edit” is right under the battery usage icon for every contact. As I said .. weird weird weird WEIRD. 😯

      • RW says:

        Adorable husband (82 yo) called apple, we have warranty til 3/14, contacts is under productivity. We never looked there. Kept bringing up contacts thru email, no go.
        We are awarding ourselves blue ribbons for numb and dumb and ancient.

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