A Simple App to Keep Track of your Weight: Weight Recorder

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.39.08 AMI love simple. I do not want to have lots of bells and whistles on the apps that I use most.

I have downloaded … and then discarded …. many apps that try to do too much. More is NOT always better.

And so, with “simple” as my criterion for excellence, Weight Recorder is darn near perfect.

What does it do? It keeps track of your weight. Pure and simple. You enter your weight, and the app will keep the info and translate it into a graph (which can be motivating if you want to lose weight).

Pardon my using a screenshot of the app’s screenshots, but I’m sure you understand why. I’m not being lazy, just trying not to get too personal. 😆

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 9.45.33 AM

Weight Recorder is simple to use, and works on both your iPhone and your iPad.


Weight Recorder is FREE in the iTunes store.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM


7 thoughts on “A Simple App to Keep Track of your Weight: Weight Recorder

  1. Julles1957 says:

    Can you help me with this app? (Weight Recorder) My husband and I both had this app on our iPhone and my husband’s app, along with all his data since 2014 is gone. Now I’m afraid I will lose mine as well. I tried the App Store and it is no longer available. I e never had this happen before! …any advice?

    • I use this app all the time, too! I’m sorry that your husband’s app has disappeared….. and, yes, I’m guessing that yours might go, too. It’s frustrating to lose something you like and use. I can’t tell you for SURE what happened to your app, but I can tell you that this happens when an app is not updated by the author and eventually can’t run on your operating system … or …. it IS updated by the author, but your phone is running an old operating system. Basically they become incompatible. I had this happen once….. an app disappeared. I contacted support, and once I updated my OS, the app came back. However, since this app no longer appears in the app store, it’s clearly not being updated, and I’m guessing that eventually you and I will both lose it as well. Argh.

    • Anonymous says:

      I lost the app too, when my phone was recently upgraded. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE online & have been unable to find it. Very disappointed — lots of lost info from a number of years of hard work. Am now trying some new, similar apps, but none as streamlined & easy to use as this one was! 😖

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