Amazing Cat Face: Photoshopped? or NOT?



I just couldn’t help myself. I had to show you these pictures. And since this blog has a “tech” theme, I stretched the title with the “photoshopped” tease…… 🙂

But I do think this fellow’s face looks, well, fake. The line down the middle is just so straight!!!!

He is a feral kitten (no lectures, please) and he just showed up at my back door on Saturday. I tapped the window and when he looked up I used my iPhone to take his picture.

Have you ever seen such an amazing face?

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.35.25 PM


21 thoughts on “Amazing Cat Face: Photoshopped? or NOT?

  1. It’s not your fault she’s feral. And I say “she” because the “tortoiseshell/calico” gene is almost 100% gender-related, and even though this is a very odd type of marking, I think it is likely this cat is, too. Now, here’s the question, Sharechair…. A completely half-black, half orange tabby (which this might be, too) is called a chimera, and is genetically, very odd. (Here is a link to one of the most famous chimera’s who has made the TV rounds and gotten a lot of publicity:

    Scientists are still debating on whether Venus is a true chimera or a more common, though unusually marked, normal genetic variation.

    Your cat appears to have some orange markings in the black, which probably makes it more likely that she is a tortie with lovely markings. In the show ring, tortoiseshells are judged on how evenly divided their facial markings are. I’d say this one is very good, even though the yellow half doesn’t go all the way up her face. She’s a stunner! Oh, if only I lived close enough to you to adopt her! I’d take her in a minute.

    • This is all so interesting, Marcia! Thank you. I clicked the link for Venus .. wow. This is all new to me. I wish you could adopt her, too. (notice I said “her”) 🙂

    • Oh, she’s feral, all right. I know her feral parents and feral grandmother, too. I don’t think she knew she was looking me in the eye. I tapped on the window and was quick with the camera when she looked up! Gotcha! er, I mean Got-her! 🙂

  2. You are right, her face is amazing. Did no one love her enough to adopt her, or does she belong to the neighborhood? My cats have all been feral to start anyway. They are still outside cats after 12 years, but they definitely live here!

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