Enjoy this great Write-on-your-iPad App: INKredible

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I love love love “easy” apps. Apps with little or no learning curves. I don’t want to spend time working through a cumbersome tutorial, knowing that most of the features will be irrelevant for me, and I’ll probably forget them, anyway.

Enter INKredibe

It’s simple. Really really simple.

It does what you want a writing app to do: you can easily write with it. You can even write holding a stylus with your hand resting on the iPad, as you would on paper!


You can choose from graph paper, a blank sheet of paper, or a lined sheet. I doodled here on a blank page.


The very simple menu pulls out from the left and disappears when you are writing (altho you have the option to lock it on the screen).

When you first open the app, there is a brief tutorial, which you can always access through the menu on the left.

You can change the color and width of your pen.

AND … you can easily share what you write and/or doodle with a tap on the ‘export’ button. You’ll be given the option to email your work as a PDF or as an image.


INKredible is FREE in the iTunes store. (additional pens are available through in-app purchase).

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16 thoughts on “Enjoy this great Write-on-your-iPad App: INKredible

  1. My friend, Genevieve, told me about this after reading your blog. I turned her on to your blog and now she beat me to the punch. We both downloaded and sent each other a note. FUN!
    Thanks, SC.

  2. do you use a stylus with it? If so where can I purchase one to be compatible? I downloaded and do like it but find it difficult to use with just my fingers. I am trying to find a good way to take notes at a bible study lecture I attend weekly with my iPad but have not found anything easy to use yet.

    • Patty – I may be speaking out of turn here but I’ve tried several stylus. I like the slim one by i-home the best. It’s a little more expensive but IMO – worth the extra few dollars. I found mine at Best Buy but found them later at the Base Exchange but only by a couple dollars. I keep 5 of them floating around – 1 for my purse, by my chair, in my office – you get the idea. You also can pick them up at Staples or most any office supply store and of course TX Max has them really cheap. The reason I like the i-Home product the best is that the soft tip hold up over 12 hours of continuous use without losing it’s effective soft touch.

      • Wonderful advice, Sheri! Thanks for sharing. Patty … any stylus will be “compatible” ie work on your iPad. The real trick is finding one you like, that feels nice for you (weight, etc). Sheri made some great suggestions. You can find them everywhere from Walmart, to Best Buy, to Staples, and anyplace that sells electronic devices. 🙂

        • Thanks! I will head on into staples today. I am having fun right now “playing” around with it. And like Sheri said you are indeed full of valuable tips. Almost wants me to run out and get a smart phone!! LOL 😀

          • Great! I’m sure you’ll find a stylus that you like. We will be interested to know what you think of working with it. I’m a sometimes-yes sometimes-no kind of stylus user, but I know people who use them all the time …. and of course those who never do.

  3. I am getting used to working with a stylus and will soon be able to type faster than my daughter using the “one finger technique” if I keep practicing. I have to hold it a certain way or else it won’t work and with my carpel tunnel it just ain’t working! The jury is still out on this app, I wanted to use this for note taking but if I write fast it either won’t pick it up and I am left with a blank page or it will erase the last paragraph or so without warning. I also do not have an air printer so can’t print, my email is set up differently so I can access it both on the computer and iPad so I can’t email it myself and I can’t created folders to save my notes. It is making my life a bit more complicated instead of easier. But I will play it with for a bit longer and see if I can make work for me because I do like the concept.

    • Oh no! You certainly don’t want to make your life more complicated. There are MANY note-taking apps available, and eventually I’m sure you’ll fine one to meet your needs. Two others that I use are Penultimate and Notablility. And there are dozens more I’ve never tried. I only use note-taking apps on occasion, so I’m not very fussy. I’m more comfortable typing. If you find something you really like, I hope you’ll let us know! 🙂

      • I am finding out that I am also more comfortable typing. I have been looking at notability too. The fun part of owning an ipad is trying all the different apps!! And on the bright side, I am finding using a stylus not as difficult as I thought. I will let you know. Your blog has been very helpful I actually feel like I now know what I am talking about when talking electronics with my children. LOL

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