Going to the Movies? This might come in handy …..

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 6.38.20 AM

Full disclosure, here.

I do not have this app. I have not tried this app.

But I might.

Altho the title could be a little less crude, I think it might be a great idea ….. and clever enough that I wanted to share it, here.

Set up: You are at a movie and nature calls. You can’t pause the movie like you do at home, so you rush out and hope you don’t miss anything important.

With this app, you won’t miss any vital scenes.

The developers claim to update frequently with the latest movies, and let you know when it’s a good time to duck out. (for about 4 minutes)

You can set it to vibrate and it will alert you quietly to get up and go.

Also handy for a mid-movie popcorn run.

The reviews in the App store are mostly positive. I only saw 2 concerns. The first was a request for a longer out-option (longer than 4 minutes). And the second was a complaint that a current movie was not on their list.

From the app description:

The RunPee app is constantly updated, the day movies are released, to tell you the best time to run and pee during your favorite movies without missing the best scenes. And of course we provide a synopsis with each Peetime so you will know exactly what you missed.

Is this totally silly??? or kind of useful???

Runpee is available for both the iPad and iPhone and is 99Β’ in the iTunes store

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16 thoughts on “Going to the Movies? This might come in handy …..

  1. Really???!!!!???? Rent the movie and stay home next time!!! “Silly” is not exactly the word I would use but this app is no surprise for the day we live in!!!!!!! Thanks for the report and your credibility just went up majorly cuz you don’t have this app!!!!!! LOL! Just sayin’…………………….

  2. Not that I don’t ever have that problem (needing to run to the ladies in the middle of a movie) so I don’t think it is silly as such but I would probably just continue to take a chance and try not to trip up the stairs while making that mad dash. Not sure if it was the same in the States but when I was (very) young, there used to be an interval during the movie so you could drink as much soda as you like without fear πŸ™‚

    • I remember intermissions too, but only way back in the 60’s, and only for “special” movies like the Sound of Music or Funny Girl. Altho most people seem to weigh in on the side of silly, I’m guessing that a person with bladder issues would have a whole different perspective on this app. πŸ™‚

  3. Well even if you have a short fuse wee problem when it hits it hits and no amount of time can be wasted waiting for the good vibration. !!!!!
    Yes I remember intermissions in the middle of the movies, time for them to sell more ice-creams etc. I also remember when they played “God save the Queen” before the movie started and every one stood up !!!! That was in UK

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