Weekend Distraction: Jerry Seinfeld on Cell Phones and Texting

Jerry Seinfeld made an appearance on the Tonight Show earlier this week and shared his views on our culture of cell phones and texting. Good for a chuckle!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


7 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Jerry Seinfeld on Cell Phones and Texting

  1. Dying!!! Dying laughing, tears rolling down face all alone in the dark at 4:46am.. 😀 Thank you for sharing! I have a sis and brother-in-law that I swear if it wasn’t for getting together at Christmas I would totally forget what their voices sound like. Texting is the ONLY way they communicate and they shoot pictures for emphasis. We have TRIED to call them but they ignore and text later and we all LIKE each other so that isn’t the problem. I do like the convenience of texting but I do really like to hear a voice and all the inflection that goes with it so there are no misunderstandings or questions as to what was said and meant. Yep I still like a good old face to face conversation.. with a glass of wine and a pretty view.

  2. Just what I was trying to convey in my post. Nobody does it better than Seinfield. Thanks for sharing. I was laughing all through his presentation. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Good one, Kathy…! 😉
    He really knows how to touch sensitive nerves, and I agree with him; I prefer face to face. It’s only here on WP that I communicate by texting (I’ve just realised that’s what we are doing)!!! In my general day to day communication it’s either by phone or in person (much prefer it that way). I think that’s why I use an audio component with my reflections, so that the listener can ‘feel’ what I’m saying and, hopefully have a better experience because of it..
    Anyway, great post…. 🙂

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