Would you rather have a Male Siri?

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 7.12.45 PMIf you use Siri a lot, you might be ready for a change of voice. Perhaps you’d rather listen to a fellow for a while instead of the famous Siri-lady?

This is very easy to do.

How to change the Siri voice from female to male:

Go to Settings > General > Siri

Then simply make your choice. Female? Male?


(note to Apple: a few more voice-choices would be fun. Cartoon characters? Celebrities? Maybe a variety of Accents? )

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

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  1. I have the male Siri. I asked him his name. He said his name is Siri. Wait. What??

  2. I will have to see.. :) I really like Lady Siri!

    • So do I, but I enjoy a change, so I switched mine (for a while). It would be fun to have more choices, like accents. :)

  3. I was told that the word “siri” is an Asian word meant to insult Americans. Do you know if this is true? I was told it was due to our (lack of) intelligence. I trust the person who told me, but I don’t know the source of this information.

    • I don’t believe that is true. I read a number of articles about “how Siri got her name” and all stories are similar. Siri stands for “Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface”, and in Norwegian it means “beautiful woman who leads you to victory.” :)

  4. Absolutely not. I despise the thought of another man giving me directions! Laughing….I will do what I always do in this situation.
    The opposite.
    Which means it would mess me up!

  5. Good post. Do you know the person behind the voice, like they came out with the woman who is the female Siri. Too early huh?

  6. I don’t have this option, I guess I have to update my iphone now. I will have to go back and find your posts about it. I’ve been waiitng b/c I just didn’t think I could deal with any more stressors in my life. But the wikihow and this are for the new operating system. Tomorrow I will update, after I read from my trusty Sharechair’s posts! xoxo Thanks for all you do for us!

    • Yes, you’re right. The male Siri is only available in iOS7… I should have pointed that out in my post. Thank you, my dear friend, for the kind words. :)


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