I Really Really REALLY Don’t Like This

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 8.41.58 AMI usually love all gadgets. I love my iPhone, my iPad, and my Kindles. Other tech stuff is fun too. I have some remote gadgets, step-counting gadgets and kitchen gadgets. I rarely meet a gadget I don’t like.

But I don’t like this one.

This is just plain creepy.

The Narrative is a clip on camera that you wear. It automatically takes a picture every 30 seconds.

The point? To create a “narrative” of your life. All the regular moments. The things you don’t remember… remembered.

I don’t want to be on either end of this device. I don’t want all those photos of …. ???? and I sure don’t want to be talking or working with a person who is wearing this little camera. I know I’d find it highly distracting.

(I suppose there is an argument to be made for wearing it to capture candid photos of your children, or maybe at an event …. I’ll go with that. But it’s the “all day” and photographing unsuspecting people that just seems yuchy. Bye bye privacy.)

You can read more about it in this article, and view examples of the photos that this gadget takes:

Cool or Creepy? A Clip-On Camera Can Capture Every Moment

If you’re interested, the Narrative sells for $279.

Just don’t visit with me if you’re wearing one. :roll:

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

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  1. This is too scary for words. I agree with you, privacy will be gone.


  2. Yes I think technology goes one step too far.. Just who is this device supposed to be helping??

  3. So glad it is at such a high price so people won’t be wearing it. Not something I am enamoured with

    • As with so much tech, I’m guessing the price will drop. And the size of the camera will get smaller. We won’t be able to know who is “capturing” us for whatever reason, because the camera won’t be visible. I think that’s creepy.

  4. Unfortunately this price will come down very quickly. I find this absolute disgusting, but honestly, in a society where people take their cell phones with them into the bathroom and are on the phone while throning, nothing really surprises me anymore.

  5. I’m not surprised, either. I can’t imagine wearing one, except maybe on a canoe trip or a hike, where I might actually want to have a record of what I passed and when. During a normal day? Dealing with everyday people? That’s downright scary. But then again, we give up more and more of our privacy and freedom every day. Very sad that so many people won’t even know what they are losing until it’s gone.

    • You’re right, Marcia. I think the genie is out of the bottle for devices like this. Cameras will be in watches, or clipped on like this one, or embedded in eyeglasses. Privacy? Gone and gone.

  6. I would love to clip it to my dog, Cupcake’s collar and see what goes on here all day!

    • Now THAT is a great idea!! I have several feral cats who drift by my kitchen door and I would love to know where they go to brave the winter weather …. and how do they spend their day? If only I could clip one of these cameras on one of those cats, I might just learn to like this little device! :)

  7. Seems like a lot of embarrassing photos waiting to happen.

  8. barb19

     /  February 25, 2014

    Creepy……privacy goes out the window.

  9. Scary and creepy! I am glad you told us about it!!!!

  10. yes, have to agree, creepy … it must a use in some circumstances but not everyday life!

  11. Don’t we have enough to worry about with all the social media without a camera that takes shots of almost every move? Egads!

  12. This is more than a gadget, there are so many opportunities for misuse. We know it will sell. Too many people have enough money to make this camera a hot item yet they can’t really brag about having one or their friends wouldn’t want to spend time with them.

  13. Yikes! Definitely creepy to me. Thanks for sharing though – you always help us stay abreast of the newest gadgets! Cheers, Gina

  14. I agree ~ creepy, but I live such a quiet life, people would be yawning if they saw mine! LOL

    • Ha ha. I’m a yawner, too, but I’m camera shy in the first place, so the mere idea of a series of not-known-about photos really creeps me out.


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