A Brief Look at Kindle Highlights (part one: Popular Highlights)

The point of this blog is to take our consumer technology and break it down into tiny little pieces. Gradually over the next few weeks I’ll be addressing a few “how to’s” for Kindle Highlights.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 8.18.01 AMI was never a “highlighter” when I read paper books, because I would pass them on to others and, well, my highlights would leave me along with the book. So I didn’t really see the point.

But since I became a digital reader, highlights have become an integral part of my reading experience.

I have enabled “popular highlights” on my Kindle. This means that when I am reading a book, I might come across a passage that is lightly dotted and shows that “300 people” (for example) have highlighted this particular portion of text.

Personally I find this interesting to see, but if you find it distracting you can disable it.

To enable/disable Popular Highlights:

On your Paperwhite, just go into your Kindle settings and tap on Reading Options. There you will find the opportunity to turn “Popular Highlights” on or off.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

14 thoughts on “A Brief Look at Kindle Highlights (part one: Popular Highlights)

  1. Al says:

    I like that about the Kindle. I found loads of them on Pride & Prejudice and several on Game of Thrones. I imagine the second book, Clash of Kings will have more than a few as well. I would use it mark my place, but then realised what it was really for and then delete the highlights.

    • I enjoy the highlights, Al. And I’ve highlighted some things that no one else highlighted. I should probably look back and see if it says a lonely “1” for my highlighted spots.

      • Al says:

        I like them, and I see some that I use as quotes as they fit perfectly with everyday people. George Martin certainly used a fair few with Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones

  2. Well I managed to PROcrastinate over the 99 bucks Paperwhite after you gave me the heads up and now I am going to get it anyhoo for the full price… I think. Slap my forehead! That extra 15 bucks for the plug in the wall thingie just befuddled me. Should have listened to you!

    • Try this ….. (and turn to “off”)

      ” Tap settings then tap More Options. Select On to turn on Popular Highlights. When Popular Highlights are enabled, you will see a dashed underline while reading. Amazon displays Popular Highlights by combining the highlights of all Kindle customers and identifying the passages with the most highlights.”

      • Settings was not easy to find, but when I finally got that to come up it did not offer more options and none of the categories it has indicate that the highlighting even exists, let alone how to get rid of it. At least not in an obvious place and if it is in a hidden place I’m not likely to find it. I did discover how to lock the auto rotate though so that’s at least one annoyance gone.

        • I found it on my Fire (hurray!) but you are right …. the directions I found left out one important point, which made this almost impossible to find.
          You are to tap the top of the screen for settings WHILE YOU ARE INSIDE OF A BOOK. Ahhh! Makes all the difference in the world. 🙂 Just tap the top of the screen, and THEN settings (should be included with the font size) … and now you will see the “other” and find your way to the popular highlights.

  3. Maybe I am totally in the wrong place because the settings thing that comes down from the top after much effort still has the same options with or without a book open and none of them are font, highlights, or other. I haven’t found anything else that says settings though.

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