Can you Laugh and be Angry at the same time?

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 9.32.38 AMI posed a question at the beginning of this post:

Can you LAUGH and yet be ANGRY at the SAME time???

The answer for me, I’ve learned, is absolutely YES.

The evidence came as I watched the video at the end of this post.

The LAUGH: It’s cleverly done. Acted well. Although the language is German, it is not necessary to know what they are saying.

The actions speak for themselves, and it’s … well…. funny!
(Thanks to Margo for sending it to me. 🙂 )


The ANGER: Gosh darn it. I really get angry, seriously bothered, when older people are portrayed (often in commercials) as complete and utter idiots when it comes to technology.

And that is simply not true. What is true is that we didn’t grow up with any of this. There were no smart phones (your phone was attached to the wall, and tethered with a cord), there was no streaming, there were no tablets. And, hard as it is to believe…. no internet.

In my house we jumped into tech with the invention of the calculator, Pong, and then the Atari 2600. Next we enjoyed the AMAZING Commodore 64. I remember my son explaining to me how he could call another computer and if it was “on” he could leave a message on a “bulletin board” and someone else, from another computer could actually read this message. Unknown to me at the time (I actually thought it was pretty useless) that was the very beginning of the internet.

When he went off to college he explained to me that he would be emailing his papers to professors. I was skeptical…. but the world was changing … and fast.

And so those of us of a certain age, who were there from the beginning, had a choice. Jump in, or go on with life as usual. Technology, at first, was a choice. And if you aged without jumping in, it is most likely overwhelming, now.

But many many many people DID jump in. I loved it all. And still do. I know of many others both personally and online who are also “up there” in years and completely comfortable with smart phones, tablets and all the other technological goodies that are available to us today.

And I firmly believe, no matter what the age, with proper instruction, anyone can master an iPhone or iPad or a Kindle. My mother, age 84, uses them all quite well.

And, not only do I believe that older people CAN use these things, I believe that they SHOULD. The technology of today can enhance a life that is slowing down. A Kindle, for example, allows aging eyes to read comfortably with larger fonts.

The original purpose of this blog truly highlights this point … breaking down the sometimes-confusing-tech-speak into very do-able bits.

I fully believe that when the young people of today are old, they will find that they will be completely comfortable with the technology that they keep up with. But when new things come along at lightning speed (and they will), they just might find themselves left behind a bit, too. (And made fun of by the youth who are being born, now.)

So, after that rant of anger ….. here comes the laugh.

Proving to me that you CAN be angry and laugh at the same time. 🙂

Dad’s New iPad

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


26 thoughts on “Can you Laugh and be Angry at the same time?

  1. LOL!!!!!!!! Oh my!!!!! HaHaHa!!!! I certainly did NOT grow up with ‘puters (I’m just shy of 68 and Hubbs is 70) but we would have great difficulty navigating our days w/o our smart phone, notebook, netbook, pc, etc, etc……… I remember the day I was watching “Good Morning America”….years ago….and they made the announcement of something brand new that was being called the “information super highway” and how it would revolutionize life as we had known it. I had no clue what was being talked about!!!! And now, through my blog, I am truly connected globally and love it!!!!!!! Hugs…………………………

    • Yes!! You and me, both. I can not imagine my life without all my tech goodies. You’re only a very tiny tad older than me, just a couple of years, so we are of the same generation ….. and we clearly have a lot in common! I also love the global connection on the blog. It is truly wondrous. Thanks, Doreen, for taking to the time to share your thoughts! 🙂

  2. Ha har, Kathy; that was a great laugh… I’m still chuckling! 😉
    I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know I’m writing via my new iPad given to me last month for my birthday…. How did I ever get along without it.? 🙂
    I’m in love, Kathy… Learning so many wonderful ways to stay ‘in touch’ with this rapidly changing world… Why, it (iPad) almost writes for me….!

  3. Video cracked me up.. 😆 62 here and I love my techie toys! Thank the heavens your blog is here though.. 😀 You know, I did not fall in love with my iPad. It’s CH’s iPad now. But I have some big love for my laptop, my iPhone and my old Nook and hopefully for a new Kindle.

    • You are a tad younger than me (by 2 years) so we’ve experienced all this growth together! I love your phrase “techie toys” …. I might be borrowing that!! 🙂

      • Do you think there would be any disadvantage in buying the Paperwhite from Best Buy rather than wait on it to be shipped by Amazon? Specifically registration or in any other way that you might know?

        • The first thing that comes to mind is registration, because if you buy it directly from Amazon, it will be all registered and ready to go right out of the box. But…. that said, I can’t imagine registration is such a big deal.

          My other thought was the generous Amazon return policy of 30 days. I would check with Best Buy about that, for sure, because if you buy from them, it is THEIR return policy that counts. Here is the info on returns copied from the Amazon help site:

          Returning Kindle Devices

          You can return any Kindle device you purchased directly from for a full refund within 30 days of the day you received it as long as it’s in new condition and the return is in accordance with our return policy.

          Note: If you want to return your Kindle device for a refund, and you purchased your Kindle from a third-party retail store, you must return your Kindle to the retailer where you made the purchase according to the retailer’s return policies.

  4. I love this video – and it doesn’t harm that it’s in my native language. I’m probably a bit younger (50+) but still grew up without computer, learned typing on a mechanical typewriter and we only had 3 TV programs. Today at home we have 5 computers (1 server, 2 main computer for hubby and me plus 2 old ones as spares) and 2 notebooks. Working as a Web designer and content administrator keeps me in the loop. Although a few months ago I was at a point where I really pondered to smash my Windows phone and return to a stone-age phone, one that can just dial you know 😉 Instead I switched to an iPhone 5s – OMG what a difference! We also got an iPad Air a few weeks later, and it looks like I need to buy another one since hubby and I are fighting over who can use it 🙂 Oh yes, and of course I have a Kindle too. I love all my gadgets and i’m looking forward to what we will experience in the future.

    • Oh! A native German speaker!! My grandparents were from the Black Forest area of Germany, so I grew up hearing the language, but sadly didn’t hold onto it. I think you have experienced the joy I found when I discovered the iPhone and the iPad…. they are simple to use and they just WORK. And a Kindle, too! You sound just like me! …. although smarter. Web designer … wow. You’re a tech expert!! So glad you enjoyed the video. I thought it was really funny. 🙂

  5. I, like you, grew up before these new fangled contraptions came into play. Thanks to my son, a very dear friend, and an obsession with new stuff, I’m loving my iPad, my iPhone, and yes, my laptop. I enjoy talking to my car and having it talk back. I’m crazy about texting-emojis and all. I’m sure I could live without it or – or could I? I feel for the older generation (and probably some younger folk) that haven’t kept up and are now totally intimidated to leave a message on an answering machine, panicking when they need to press 1, press 9, press zero. How do they change channels with all the crazy remotes. Should I use one or two? And smart phones? Fugetaboutit!! Maybe a flip phone but that’s as far as some may go.
    There’s nothing wrong with not getting into all the technology, but it’s getting increasingly more difficult to do anything with some knowledge of the stuff.
    OMG! Did I ramble? Sorry.
    The video is hysterical. LOL

    • You make a great point …. it IS getting increasingly difficult to stay away from tech. It is becoming totally integrated into the life of 2014. Never thought I’d shop on the internet, but now I do that a lot. Glad you enjoyed the video! I thought it was great, too. 🙂

  6. Excellent point!! I too get angry with assumptions and generalizations, and of course aging people can master technology. Sheesh. And loved your point about how helpful Kindles can be for aging eyes (or even on the computer to be able to increase the screen/font size… not that I’m sharing from experience or anything… 😉 )

    • ha ha!!! I find that I change the font size depending on time of day, etc. Sometimes I just need a bigger font. (altho even my smallest font is probably BIG by some standards!!) 🙂

    • That’s brilliant!! How often have we all come across a check out person who can’t “do” change because the register is broken!! Good thinking, you! 🙂

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