Tip to Save your iPhone battery on a Road Trip

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.53.06 AMI’ve been gone for a while, and part of that time was spent on the road.

I’m not a happy driver, so I chose to be the navigator for this adventure, which required some driving on unfamiliar roads.

I love love love the way you can follow your own car with the little blue dot as it travels the highways and byways. Watching us travel I was able to let my driver-friend know that we were getting closer to the turn we had to make, or even that there was a lot of traffic up ahead (google maps/traffic gives you red lines when the going gets tough.)

All this is wonderful, BUT it is a big huge battery drain. Since we were going to be in the car for a good number of hours, and I knew I’d be using these maps a great deal (draining the battery), I brought along a handy dandy car charger to keep the juice flowing.

I was happy with that, and it worked just fine.

Discussing this with daughter-in-law Carmen, she suggested that I turn off my wifi and bluetooth in the car.

Duh. Why didn’t I think of that? There was no reason to have wifi on in the car, and since I wasn’t in my own car, the bluetooth was needless, also.

But I wondered …. would it really make any difference?

I decided to test this.

So on the way home, I turned off both the wifi and the bluetooth ….and used my iPhone to navigate just as much as I did on the way out.

But THIS time, instead of draining the battery, I arrived home with an iPhone still over 50% “full”. This was a huge difference.

With wifi and bluetooth “on”, I drained the phone in hours and needed the car-cable to keep it powered.

With wifi and bluetooth “off”, I ended the road trip with an iPhone still holding a significant charge.

Wow. I never knew it would make THAT much of a difference! (thanks, Carmen!)

How to turn off your wifi and bluetooth on your iPhone:

Just run your finger UP on your iPhone screen to bring up your control center.

There you will see them both….the wifi icon and the bluetooth option. Just tap them to turn them on or off. In this screenshot, my wifi is “on” and my bluetooth is “off”.

Remember this when you want to prolong your battery life! The control center makes it easy to do (as opposed to drilling-down in the settings).


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


11 thoughts on “Tip to Save your iPhone battery on a Road Trip

  1. Glad you had a getaway but happy you are back! I am also HAPPY to say that for once I already knew this.. 😉 I also leave my cellular data off(4G) when my phone is just sitting around doing nothing at home. But I have found when that is off I don’t get images in texts until I switch it back on. I am good with that though.

    • Good for you! Although I learned about this way back when, I did NOT remember it ….. Now I’ll remember when we travel (I hope 🙂 ) since it worked so well.

  2. When in the car and navigating I have always used the cable and I don’t change my settings. Why, you may ask. Well, I ALWAYS totally forget I’ve made changes and will end up in a situation that requires those items and draw a blank as to why they’re not working…..I call it a very senior moment (and I have enough of those that I have no control over!!!! LOL!!!). Glad you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh, wow…. you raise a GREAT point. I forget all the time, too!!! Although I got home yesterday, It wasn’t until I started writing this blog post that I remembered to turn the wifi back on on my phone! I’m right with you, Doreen!

  3. Great tip. I just had a thought. How about, while in the control panel, turning those things off, set the alarm to remind you to turn them back on. That’s if you have an idea when you’ll be getting home.

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