This Cool Tech Invention Pairs your Sunglasses with your iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 6.58.44 AMNew tech gadgets/inventions show up almost every single day, and many are downright goofy, while some are amazing and wonderful. I have highlighted a few on this blog.

Remember these?

I Really Really REALLY Don’t Like This (creepy)

Boy uses a 3-D printer to make a HAND for his friend (awesome)

Clap on, Clap off: Old Technology, with a New Use? (absurdly silly)

Another tech goodie has recently caught my eye and although the price of this one is crazy high, I still thought it was interesting enough to share…..

These are “smart” sunglasses.

If you are a sunglasses wearer, I’m sure you have experienced the “oh, no! I left my sunglasses in the restaurant!” moment. I sure have.

But if you leave these handy-dandy glasses behind, your iPhone will alert you with a special sound once you are 16 feet away. If you ignore that, you’ll be alerted again at 32 feet, etc., until you clear the alert from your phone.

And, it is intelligent enough to know when you are at home or at work, so no alerts as you walk away from your sunglasses there. However, if you can’t find your glasses, you can ask your iPhone, and it will show you where the glasses are within a foot.

The reverse is also true. Let’s say you start to leave the restaurant with your glasses on your head, but your iPhone is still on the table. In that case, your iPhone will ring EXTRA loudly to get your attention. Disaster averted. 😎

These glasses are solar powered, so they are always charged.

Clever idea. However the price is prohibitive for what is truly just a gadget.

They plan to offer these glasses by the end of this year for $349 a pair. Ouch. $250 if you order now. Still Ouch.

If you want to learn more about these sunglasses, you can click, here: Tzukuri

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


5 thoughts on “This Cool Tech Invention Pairs your Sunglasses with your iPhone

  1. Absolutely wow, Kathy; this is wonderful..!
    I haven’t lost any glasses (as yet) however; I have a mate who is forever misplacing his. What a great gadget for him…! He would love this…! 😉

  2. Perhaps they should have a reverse option too – when you leave your phone somewhere, you glasses will beep. Come to think of it, something should beep everytime I leave my head behind 🙂

  3. Years ago, someone I know used to misplace her keys, so she would click something and the keys would “chirp” back at her from underneath papers, etc. Don’t know what it was called. I need some solar powered sun glasses.

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