Weekend Distraction: Vexed (an old old old game revisited)

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 8.57.03 PMAnyone remember the old Palm Pilot? Back in the 90’s? As a lover of gadgets, I had one of those. (No surprise, there, right?) 🙂 Amazing for the time.

I only had one game on my Palm Pilot but I used it often. Obviously back in those days, the graphics were quite plain, and if I remember correctly, my Palm screen wasn’t even in color. But that all mattered not…. I just loved this game.

Recently I was reminiscing, and although I remembered this game in detail, I could not remember it’s name.

I thought to myself that buried among the thousands of apps available for the iPhone and iPad, someone must have recreated this game for the devices of today. I had to do some pretty creative googling …. but …. yay! I found it!!

And for me, it is just as enjoyable as I remember. It’s not flashy. You will not gasp with oohs and ahhhs for stunning graphics or clever moves.

But if you enjoy a challenging-yet-possible puzzle, you’ll love Vexed.

The premise for Vexed is really incredibly simple. You’ll be presented with blocks, set about the screen. Your goal is to match up blocks with matching shapes. When you do, they disappear. When you clear the board, you move to the next level.

But oh…. it can get tricky!!

There are many many many levels, and many many “packs”.

Here is a screen shot of the first board for the classic series.

Notice there are THREE checks and THREE O’s. You can’t move the check over the other check, because they will disappear and you’ll still have one check left. But if you move the top “O” and let it drop, you can move it over to the left and all three O’s will disappear. Then drop the check and all three checks will disappear. Ta da!!! You just completed screen number one.


I’m stuck on this board below right now:


I’m sure I’ll figure it out …. eventually. 🙂

Vexed DLX Old School Puzzler is FREE in the iTunes store and works on both your iPad and iPhone

Let me know how you do!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


7 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: Vexed (an old old old game revisited)

  1. I had a palm pilot too and still think of it sometimes. Usually though, I think about how frustrated I was that it didn’t do everything I wanted it to. I really wanted an iPhone, but it just wasn’t invented yet. I hate waiting for technology to catch up with my desires.

  2. I had the Palm Pilot! Oh man – it was SO state of the art… For years and years, I kept the Palm Desktop on my computer. It was where I stored passwords and lists of things. When I got my new laptop last year, I actually printed out that Palm Desktop to keep, since I couldn’t figure out how to put it on my new laptop.

    • Another fellow Palm Pilot-er!! State-of-the-art, for sure. I used it for everything, and like you, I was a Palm Desktop user too. Things sure have changed!

  3. Al says:

    I can’t get these anymore. I upgraded and moved away from the apple. I now have a Galaxy Note III. My son has my iPhone IVS though, so I will be letting him know about these things 🙂

    • I’m glad you’ll still be around, Al, to check on things for your son! I’d miss you. How are you enjoying your Galaxy? My son has one of those, and he loves the bigger screen (although he found that some functions were easier on the iPhone). I’m hoping that Apple gives us a bigger screen with their next iPhone, due out later this year.

      • Al says:

        I am missing the iPhone, but I have only had the Galaxy since yesterday so I will do for a while. I was impressed that when I signed in with it, it gave me everything I had when I had my HTC Desire. Including phone numbers I had lost.

        I have tried to do a couple of things that were on the 4S, like pressing the on/off button at the top 😆

        Yeah, the Note IV is out this year as well. It’s amazing the speed they knock them out. For the people who want to be technologically up there.

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