Off Topic Post: ARGH!!

Yesterday was June 5. That’s the FIFTH day of JUNE.


I entered a local store (Hobby Lobby). Workers were busily rearranging their shelves and updating their stock.

With what kind of merchandise, you ask?


Good grief. It isn’t even summer yet. Kids are still in school. My air conditioners are still in storage.


Anyone else think this is a tad early?


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

35 thoughts on “Off Topic Post: ARGH!!

    • That’s true ….. in the BACK of the store, by the crafts, I can understand that. But all this stuff is purely decorations and right up front. Ornaments, wreaths, lights, etc. Yikes!

  1. I would hate to see Christmas decorations this early. I hate seeing them before Halloween. I do think maybe with a craft store, they are thinking in terms of crafters who want to make Christmas items to sell in fall shows, etc. I know when I was doing craft and art shows, I did a ton of Christmas painting and so forth all summer long to have it ready to sell by the November shows. Maybe that thought will help a bit. Now if you see them going up at the MALL, run away. Run AWAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! 😀

    • As far as the crafting goes, that’s certainly true. And yes, they have stocked their Christmas crafts in the back with all the crafts. I won’t argue about that. But this stuff was all DECORATIONS …. ornaments, wreaths, lights …. all right in the front of the store. Too too too early. geez. All kinds of fall decorations are now out in their aisles, too.

  2. But your photo does capture the red, white, and blue. Maybe they’re thinking to combine the 4th and Christmas. . .they could leave the green decorations up until after St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

    • You are funny!!! Ha! By combining holidays they could just never put Christmas away. Funny …. there is a “Christmas Tree” shop in town, too, and they aren’t carrying ANYTHING Christmas at this point on the calendar. 🙂

  3. I don’t know about craft/hobby stores and how they arrange merchandise. Some of the commenters here suggested the early display was to help people make Christmas gifts ahead of time–waaaay ahead of time. What really gets me is seeing Christmas ornaments thrown up (so to speak) in stores the day after Halloween, bam! No mention of Thanksgiving, which is one of my favorite holidays. It’s too often neglected. Maybe nobody buys anything for Thanksgiving except turkeys. As soon as Christmas is gone, don’t stores start displaying chocolate rabbits and Easter baskets? I try to ignore all that stuff. My best Christmas bargain was at a garage sale when I got a Christmas tree (still in the box) for a mere $3.

    • You’re so right. Thanksgiving is totally getting lost in the rush to Christmas. “Christmas” everything USED to begin the day AFTER Thanksgiving. But now it starts …… in June???? Ridiculous! Congrats on the great deal you found! a $3 Christmas tree! wow

  4. Al says:

    Holy crap!! That’s worse than last year. Whatever happened to starting selling the selling the stuff in November? A couple of years ago, there were Easter Eggs on sale the day after Christmas Day

  5. I just re-looked at the photo, in light of kkenn’s comment……red/white/blue…..very nice…..BUT, then the rest of the shelving comes into view and there’s no doubt what this is all about!!!!!! The only “thing” this brings out in so many is a “Scrooge mentality”……enough is too much already!!!!!

  6. Kathy Waller says:

    One thing that made Christmas special when I was a child was the anticipation–asking WHEN will Santa Claus come? over and over, and being hardly able to contain my excitement. That works for a couple of weeks in December, but putting things out so early dilutes the pleasure, seems to me. (My mother carefully equivocated–“Santa Claus is the SPIRIT of Christmas”–but I believed in flying reindeer for years after everyone else had decided not to. Kids today are more sophisticated, so maybe it doesn’t matter.)

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