World Cup Soccer, brought to you by Google

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.54.48 PM World Cup 2014 runs from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil…

…and Google has geared up to keep us informed of all World Cup action.

No matter what your device, just use Google and type in “world cup” or “world cup usa” (or whatever your team of choice) and you will see the latest team lineup, live scores and other information.

Tap to switch to specific teams, players, etc.

Learn more about all you can do, here.

You can also visit Brazil’s 12 stadiums with Google’s street view:

Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums

Or visit Brazil’s painted streets:

Brazil’s Painted Streets

There is an official World Cup app for your iPhone and iPad, free in the iTunes store, but it really looks as though Google has it all covered, with no app to clutter your screen, and giving you access through any of your devices. 🙂

Play ball!
(I know, I know, you say “play ball!” to start a baseball game. I just don’t know what the equivalent “start chant” is for soccer aka football…. 😯 Is there one?)

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


9 thoughts on “World Cup Soccer, brought to you by Google

  1. ‘Start chant’ – nope, Kathy: play ball sounds good to me.
    I’ve googled a couple of times because The Aussies are playing tomorrow against Chile. I haven’t been a soccer follower however, this year, with little else happening sportswise, I’m finding myself curiously interested – probably more because of the rioting groups in the streets, and the angst caused by the various arena building delays – all very dramatic.!
    The Aussies aren’t likely to do very well (no false hopes there). Though it will be interesting to google and support those who enjoy the game – a few of my followers are avid fans..!
    Are you?

    • No, not really, not a fan. Soccer is only beginning to gain traction here in the US. My husband enjoys it, tho, and with all the new TV channels added over the years he gets to watch matches in England that he was never able to see, before. (loves Manchester United). You never really even heard of the World Cup in years gone past. Popularity was really only among recent immigrant groups, cheering for their home country. To my surprise this year, a local arts area is featuring the World Cup on a big screen TV in a party-type atmosphere. That’s a real shift toward a smaller world.

      • Being able to cite only one reference (as you have) would have been the case here in Oz back quite a few decades ago however, today we are most definitely multi national/multi cultural. Soccer, like many aspects of the introduced diverse activities and thinking, is an integral part of the landscape. In fact, it would now seem quite foreign not to have this diversity at hand..!

      • I meant to add – Yes, I thoroughly agree. The shift is most definitely creating a smaller world. As a youngster I could never have imagined the changes to come. As an example; I love visiting Melbourne (the capital of a southern state; Victoria). The reason being; it has become a truly multi cultural environment. So much so, it has been nicknamed – Little Europe.. Shopping is magnificent; restaurants to meet all types of cuisine; sophisticated entertainment abounds. Hahaaa, Kathy, I’m salivating at the thought… 😉
        Have a great day… 😀

  2. You never need to leave home! Just be there via Google! It’s amazing, isn’t it? 🙂 Hope you are well and enjoying some beautiful summer weather. 🙂 Marsha 🙂

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