Weekend Distraction: 7 Sevens for your iPhone and iPad

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.20.32 AMYou’re Welcome!!! (Yes, it’s THAT good!)

I enjoy gentle games. Just at the distraction level. Something I can do without giving it my entire focus.

I am delighted to have found 7 Sevens.

This is one of those games that you can do while you are waiting in a doctor’s office, or you can do while you are sitting in front of the TV. In other words, it doesn’t need ALL of your attention. Just a bit. As far as I’m concerned …. just the perfect amount.

It’s easy to learn, and as you play, you will discover that there is a bit of strategy involved. You’ll get better as you play.

7 Sevens opens with a grid that is 7 squares wide and 7 squares tall.

Dropping from the top will be numbers, from 1 to 7. And an occasional gray, solid square.

Your job is to decide the column where you want the square to drop. If two 2’s touch, they disappear. Or three 3’s, or four 4’s, and so on. Your goal is to group those numbers so that they disappear, freeing up room on the board.

On the screenshot of my game, below, you can see that I must have recently cleared a group of 6’s because there are none on the board. I’m about to drop a new 6, so I have to decide where I want it to go. I will probably NOT put it in that empty column, because I want to leave that alone to add 4’s.


The gray squares get in the way. You won’t want to see those. But happily, when a group of numbers disappears, any adjacent gray squares will disappear, also.

Your goal is to try to keep the board as clear as possible so that you can continue on. As you move up in levels, a random few numbers (and gray squares) will drop, messing up your perfectly planned strategy. Argh! The challenge is to work around those new obstacles.

There are a few bells and whistles (modes, etc), but the basic game is a pick-up-and-play.

7 Sevens is 99¢ in the iTunes store and is designed for both your iPhone and iPad

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


3 thoughts on “Weekend Distraction: 7 Sevens for your iPhone and iPad

  1. This sounds good, Kathy. I would never have thought I’d be picking up the iPad during commercials, yet this is precisely what’s happening. Who wants to wants commercials..!? 😀

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