Amazon’s New Fire Phone: Will you give up your iPhone?

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 3.43.56 PMToday Amazon announced their new product: A smartphone. Called the Amazon Fire Phone, it will be released on July 25 (pre-order, now).

So …. is this the phone that will make you give up your iPhone?

It seems that the iPhone has lost its WOW factor for many. When it first exploded into our world, it was an incredible leap of technology. But today, there are smartphones everywhere, and many folks no longer look at the iPhone as the one-and-only.

And today marks another new entry into the Smartphone universe. The Amazon Fire Phone.

The promo for it looks quite good. I think it all boils down to what do YOU want from your smartphone?

This new phone has several features that are standouts:

Mayday: For us un-techy types, this is HUGE. The Mayday button was introduced on the latest version of the Amazon Fire, and it has been a raging success. With the Mayday button, if you want to learn something about your phone, if you need some instruction, or if you are having a problem, you just tap the Mayday button and a LIVE person will appear on your screen to help you. Instantly. Just like that. This feature is a keeper, and I have to say, if I was considering my first smartphone, this would be a really big selling point. The helper can draw on your phone (arrows, etc) showing you exactly what to touch and how to do it. This is a major goodie to have on your phone.

Firefly technology: This is a ‘bell and whistle’ kind of thing, but also cool. Firefly will instantly recognize music, products, ads …. oodles of things in the world. With a touch of a button you get useful information and the ability to act on it as well.

One-handed reading: Just tilt the phone to scroll. (Why didn’t Apple do this? It’s brilliant!)

And how about this: With the purchase of the new Amazon Fire Phone you get one whole year of Prime, FREE. Prime gives you lots of perks in addition to the postage and quick mailing for items bought via Amazon. You also get access to a huge video streaming library, a library full of Kindle books to borrow and free music to stream and/or download. AND … if you are already a Prime member, if you purchase the Amazon Fire Phone, you get your Prime membership extended an additional year. That’s excellent!! That’s one year of Prime for EACH phone you buy. Three phones on one account? That’s three YEARS of Prime. Details, here.

The 32 GB phone will be $199 with a 2 year contract through AT&T. Other options also available.

You can learn more about the phone, and an in-depth look at all the features (MUCH more than I described) by clicking here.

So will you consider a change? Will this Amazon Fire Phone convince you to leave your iPhone behind?

There are a few things about this phone that tempt me. Me. A bona-fide Apple fan-boygirl-lady. The Mayday button. The year of Prime. Yelp shows up directly on the maps. A larger screen. The one-hand tilt scrolling screen.

At this moment, I’m not sure. But to my own surprise, I’m considering it. Anyone who knows me (in real life) or through my blog knows that I like to take my time when approaching technology-changes. I always wait for a while, for example, before downloading the latest software update.

So I’ll not be jumping in right yet. I’ll wait and see. I’ll let others test the waters.

I’ll be trolling the internet for comparisons in every area for the iPhone vs Amazon Fire Phone. When I find a great comparison, item by item, camera vs camera, etc, I’ll be sure to link to it on this blog.

If this new phone lives up to it’s hype, a change for me is not out of the question. There are a lot of features here that I would appreciate.

This just might be my iPhone Waterloo.

How about you?

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


15 thoughts on “Amazon’s New Fire Phone: Will you give up your iPhone?

    • That’s the way I think…. I think. I have loved my iPhone from the beginning. But if someone makes something better……… Dunno. Time will tell! 🙂 I never even thought I’d consider a change.

    • You are so right, Bonnie, this is exactly the situation I find myself, too. I have an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook …. and they all talk to each other. Not to mention the investment in iTunes. They have me and they’ll probably keep me. 🙂

  1. I think I have to agree with what I read online yesterday or today. Somebody called the Fire Phone one gigantic Amazon Shopping App … and I tend to agree. Besides the technology – which will soon be available on other smart phones too, IF users approve – the real use of a smart phone or tablet is strongly connected to the apps that are available. And here I see a lot of deficits for the Fire phone. For the same reason I decided to get an iPad – and not an Amazon Fire tablet – I decided to get an iPhone – because there are so many apps available that make my life just easier. And I’m not talking about Facebook or Twitter or games but really productive apps for writing, collecting ideas, banking, reference etc. I don’t want to be restricted to install what Amazon thinks is good for me. Don’t get me wrong – I buy a lot myself at Amazon – they have great deals in many respects and I love my Kindle books. Oh, and did you know that they don’t offer anything of Google? I would be lost without my Google maps. I just got my iPhone a bit over six month ago, so basically we’re still honeymooning, and tomorrow I’ll get the 2nd iPad for our household. My husband and I agreed to share one – guess who makes a face when I try to “borrow” our iPad 🙂 I’ve a lot of apps that work on both devices and don’t want to miss this convenience for anything in the world. Conclusion: the “cool” technology of the Fire phone wouldn’t be worthy enough for me to sacrifice all the benefits I get from my iPhone / iPad connectivity.

    • Congrats on your second iPad! That happened in our house, too. 🙂 I agree with you on so many levels….. I personally just like the whole Apple/iTunes system, best. And …. I can say that with the experience of having a Fire, and comparing that with the iPad. Hands down…. iPad ALWAYS wins. Not even close. Even the SAME app, running on the iPad and the Fire, is just BETTER on the iPad. And everything works so smoothly, iPhone to iPad to Macbook. I’m guessing Apple will also advance their phone with a few new bells and whistles. One handed reading would be nice. Enjoy that new iPad!!! (who gets the new one?) 🙂

  2. Of course I got the new one 🙂 And since the iPad Air 2 is around the corner to be launched, it was already a bit cheaper than the first one. Which is fine by me because the changes for the Air 2 are not that essential to me.

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