Punctuation Shortcut for your iPhone and iPad

Over the last several years, “throwback Thursday” has become quite popular. Although it is really supposed to be about nostalgia (like old photos), I thought I’d stretch the point, and occasionally post an old (but updated!) “how to” on Thursdays, for the benefit of the many new-device-users who have joined our blog. (or to refresh the memories for those of us who forget!)

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.18.15 AMAnyone who has done any typing on the iPhone or on the iPad has noticed the multiple steps needed to insert punctuation.

You have to tap the 123 button, tap your punctuation, and then tap the ABC button to return to the letter keyboard. That’s 3 taps!

Doesn’t ONE tap sound better?

Here’s how you can add punctuation with just ONE tap:

When you get to the moment that you need punctuation, put your finger on the 123 button and HOLD. Now, SLIDE your finger to the punctuation you need, and then, RELEASE.

From Skitch-3

Poof! Your punctuation has appeared in your text, and your keyboard has returned to the letters so you can continue typing.

Easy, breezy. :)

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

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  1. Yes please. I need all the help I can get!

  2. Never did this in all my iPhone years. I like it!

  3. How do you get to know all this stuff? You are a mine of information on these products, and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you!

  4. Cool! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Since I saw this post I’ve texted several times and used this shortcut…..AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks! :)

  7. wow, thanks … I needed that for the last six weeks travelling, but will hopefully remember next time I am iPad dependent :)

    • Enjoyed your travels so much! Glad you are safely home again….. with lots of new memories and wonderful photos! :)

  8. I had no idea. Thanks!

  9. I am a BIG proponent of shortcuts of any kind! Thank you!

    • me, too!

      • I’m off topic w my reply but I’m having no luck finding the post about snippefy, the app that backs up your kindle highlights. It’s now looking at possibility of backing up highlights from kindle docs! yeah!


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