iPad Slowing Down? Try this Simple Fix, First

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.28.31 PMLast week my dear friend Mona had a sluggish iPad.

Really sluggish.

I watched as she tried to load a map, and it took
f o r e v e r.


She did the housekeeping thing, and closed all the running apps. No difference. Sluggish, still.

So the next day she made an appointment with a Mac Genius.

They had the solution, and her iPad is speedy, once again.

What was the magic?

They told her to turn it off. Then on (of course 🙂 ). Yes, that’s it.

Actually, the Genius suggested turning it off at least 3 times a week to improve and/or maintain the speed.

That was it. On and off. Remember this if your iPad gets sluggish (and iPhone, as well). It may not solve all your issues, but it can’t hurt.

Thanks, Mona!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


24 thoughts on “iPad Slowing Down? Try this Simple Fix, First

  1. You know…we techies call that a reboot…hahahaha. It works on PC’s, too. 😉 Seriously, I leave my computer running 24/7 as all my Carbonite backups and my anti-virus thingies run overnight. So I forget about the fact that it needs to be shut down completely and then turned on again, once in a while. Sometimes, it fixes more than just sluggishness. When various things freeze or act ugly at me, a total reboot often clears it right up. When all else fails…turn it off, go make a cup of tea, then come back and turn it on again.

    Someday, I’ll have an iPad and can try it on that, too. Or maybe a laptop. I’m longing to do my writing from the Comfy Chair now and then. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, SC. Glad it worked for your friend.

  2. I knew the minute I saw your post title what the direction was going to be!!! LOL! My Iphone periodically reminds me it needs a “down moment” (I’ve reminded others to do the same with “amazing curative” results!!!!!!). This info is so simple it is forgotten in the “dailies”!!!!!!

    • That probably works really well to prevent these issues. Since we don’t have a landline, it’s not an option for me, however. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for worrying about my kids, my grandkids, or my mother’s nursing home trying to reach me in an emergency. So my phone, like my computer, stays on 24/7, except for when I deliberately reboot it. I think your solution would be ideal for those who feel comfortable with it, or have another way to be reached in an emergency. I just panic if any of my devices aren’t plugged in, hooked up, turned on, and ready to go. 🙂

      • The Husband’s phone stays on.. 🙂 He gets all the texts and calls anyway.. 😀 I understand about the emergency issue. We live rural and had to call the fire dept for a brush fire and I was concerned about the 911 call on my cell.. it worked well. I can identify with your panic if your devices aren’t ready to go.. I am constantly watching my percentage for my battery on my phone.. 😀

        • Isn’t it amazing how totally these things have wormed their way into our lives and made themselves indispensable to us? If you have another device on, I can certainly see the advantage to giving your phone a rest. Actually, my husband’s phone is on, but I never know where it is, and both of us are somewhat hard of hearing, so I keep mine plugged in to recharge, laying on my nightstand about one foot away from my head, so I’ll be sure to hear it if it rings. I also use it as my only alarm now, because I can set it to a loud, obnoxious sound I can also hear, unlike any clock in our house. (And we have MANY, since hubby collects them). Between having Siri set my alarm, and needing it close by to be sure I’ll hear it, mine has to stay on.

          Now that I think about it, though, almost all personal calls, texts and emails come to me, anyway. (I’m not sure if my family is trained, or if I am! 😀 ) Mark mostly gets stuff from work on his.

          I do that battery checking thing, too. Paranoid, much? And when I’m driving anywhere, I always keep the phone plugged in, so I can use the GPS without worrying about it getting low. Life is sure different today than it was even a decade ago, isn’t it? 🙂

            • I love meeting new people, and I’m happy we connected. My life feels so much richer these days, and many, many good things have come my way since getting my first computer. Hope you enjoy looking around on my blog. Be sure to say hi! (Where are the oaks you’re under? I’m in Florida.)

              • Central Missouri.. we love Florida and spend some time there every winter in Venice. I am going to browse your blog this afternoon after errands. After a quick initial visit to your blog, I think I am going to like it there.. 🙂

                • Never been to MO. (Never been to lots of places I’d still like to see someday). Venice is beautiful. I live just north of Orlando. Looking forward to seeing you on my blog, and getting to know you better. 😀

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