Acrobatic Motorcyclist in Russia

In this technologically-filmed world of ours, with cameras everywhere, we are capturing more and more events that previously would only have been seen by a few eyewitnesses.

This is an amazing example. Watch as the car on the right moves into the left lane, as a motorcyclist chooses to use the same lane at the same time.

This is one lucky guy. 😯

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM

7 thoughts on “Acrobatic Motorcyclist in Russia

      • I can’t imagine!!! I think everyone has experienced those “rocket” bikes zipping in and out of traffic (the design of the bike calls out to do it……..ask me how I know this!!!!) and have envisioned some type of unpleasant outcome but this “takes the cake”!!!!!

  1. Whoa. I can’t even repeat here what I said when I saw this. (It was along the lines of Great Goobley Oobley…but SO not! 😛 ) That guy must lead a charmed life, for sure. Not only to land on the car roof, but to STICK it. 😯

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