New Feature: Goodreads now has “Previews”

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I spend a lot of time browsing on Goodreads. I find it is a wonderful place to find my “next great read” by learning from others, reading reviews and looking at the bookshelves that individuals have created.

And now, just last week, they have added a new feature, further enhancing the browsing experience.

You can now PREVIEW any book that has a Kindle edition. Yay!

from the Goodreads blog:

Don’t judge a book by its cover…judge it by what’s inside with our new Preview feature, which launches today! With Preview, you can sample the story before committing to the whole book. Now our U.S. members can get a taste of their next amazing read right on the Goodreads website.

Just click on the book, and notice the PREVIEW button. Tap that button and a significant preview opens on your screen.

From Skitch-18

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Since we have (for years) been able to preview Kindle books on Amazon, I would often go back and forth between Goodreads and Amazon. Happily this back-and-forthing is no longer necessary. I am delighted. 🙂

At the moment, this feature is only available in the US.

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16 thoughts on “New Feature: Goodreads now has “Previews”

  1. This is good news, but I guess it’s not surprising, since amazon now owns Goodreads, if I remember correctly. So I guess it’s a natural for them to upgrade the site to include this feature. And it’s such a great one, too. I almost always read the first few pages of a book before buying, unless it is part of a series that I’m very familiar with, and I know I probably won’t be disappointed. Sometimes books that sound really good are so poorly written, you know in the first 3 or 4 pages, it isn’t going to work for you. And other times, just the reverse is true. So I think this is a winning feature. Thanks for letting us know. I simply MUST bet busy on Goodreads and start working it right. I’m a Goodreads author, and yet I ignore it half the time lately. That needs change!

    • That happens to me, too, Pat. I use something for a while, then I kind of slip away, forgetting about it. Goodreads is a great place to browse, and now it is even better with previews. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this post. With all my time online I have drifted away from Goodreads but with my love of reading, I think I am going to have to get back to it.

    • That same thing happens to me, I drift away and then have to “remember” to go back. But Goodreads keeps my attention. I list my books there, which (I am embarrassed to admit) helps me remember what I’ve read!

      • I haven’t visited for awhile but I read so much and quite fast so it seems I am always looking for good books. You have convinced me to go back and reconnect. 🙂

  3. Al says:

    Not for us *sniffle sniffle* We are in the backwater of the world so we get everything late. Except Dr Who. We get that early, so HA! Doesn’t sound so good like though. hehe

  4. I have drifted from Goodreads too. I got overwhelmed trying to keep up with everything. Eventually…. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this info. I also didn’t know that Amazon owned Goodreads. 🙂 I always learn something here! 🙂

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