Poor Fellow DROPS his new iPhone 6

Today is release day for the new iPhones. Lines, lines and more lines.

Shown in this video is the FIRST person to get a phone in Perth, Australia.

Poor guy.

He unveils his prize …… and DROPS IT!

(thanks to Al for bringing this to my attention!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


14 thoughts on “Poor Fellow DROPS his new iPhone 6

  1. Al says:

    It’s gone viral for the poor kid. You can feel his embarrassment. I hope it still works. I wonder if the TV company would replace it because it was them who got him to open it.

  2. I do so empathize. If the phone had been properly packed between two pieces of Styrofoam taped together, it wouldn’t have flown from the box like that. Of course, it might have flown when he untaped the Styrofoam . . .

    • You sure do have a point. It just sits there in the box with no extra “holders.” I’m guessing that most people, however, don’t try to open it in a standing position over concrete. But still…….

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