Improving the Paperwhite: Amazon Introduces the Kindle Voyage

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 7.17.56 AMLast week the tech world was all abuzz about the new iPhones. In the middle of all that excitement, Amazon quietly released a bunch of new goodies. (at least it seemed like it was “quietly” to me….)

I know that many of my readers are HUGE Paperwhite fans (me, too!!!).

Honestly, I could not imagine how it would be possible to improve that device. It seems darn near perfect.

And yet, as technology moves forward, so do the devices, and Amazon has now ramped up their Paperwhite to a new level, and they are calling this NEW eReader the Kindle Voyage.

So how did they improve ‘perfect’?

1. It’s THINNER.

2. TWICE as many pixels as the Paperwhite, making the text super-crisp.

3. Added tapping sensors on the edge so that you can gently press to turn a page.
(I like love this. I missed my buttons.) You can still turn the page with finger swipes.

4. Automatic light sensors will adjust the light according to the light in the room. It will gradually decrease in a dark room, as your eyes adjust to the dimmer light.

5. General re-design, including a flush-front.

Wifi only, with special offers, costs $199. Removing the special offers hikes the price to $219. (I have the “special offers” appearing on my Paperwhite, and it really doesn’t bother me at all.)

I thought long and hard about this, because I really love my Paperwhite. I did not feel the need to level-up ……. UNTIL I saw that page-turning sensor. That is the one thing I have always missed on the Paperwhite. I am a bed-reader, and when you are comfortably reclining on your side, holding the kindle with one hand, it can be awkward and inconvenient to try and swipe the pages. It’s a nightly struggle to position the Paperwhite just right, and usually I don’t. I missed the old Kindle buttons on the earlier models.

And so I am going to try it. Amazon’s generous return policy makes this a no-brainer for me, because if I don’t like it, I can easily return it. No harm, no foul.

To my surprise, MANY people must be ordering this, because when I tapped the “buy” button on Friday (just a short time after the quiet launch) …. I was told that I won’t be receiving my Kindle Voyage until NOVEMBER 28! 😯 (when it first went on sale, the shipping date was in October!). Wow. I guess the market is strong for this new eReader.

Amazon has also released 4 other products.

1. A Fire HD tablet for only $99. Cheapest tablet available.

2. Fire HD KIDS Edition. “If they break it, we replace it. No questions asked.” If there are Kids in your life, this is worth a closer look.

3. FireHDX 8.9 Big improvements to this tablet.

4. Basic Kindle. Touch screen. No light, but lots of other features. $79

For further information on all of these products, just go to Amazon. They are all displayed on their home page with links to more details.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 6.01.13 PM


12 thoughts on “Improving the Paperwhite: Amazon Introduces the Kindle Voyage

  1. I did see a quick technews story about the page turn sensor. They didn’t mention the other new features. That’s what I have you for! 🙂 Page turning is my only issue with the Paperwhite design. WiFi only is not good for me, and 3G is $269. I may still be able to talk myself into it. ….then again, Christmas is coming….

  2. Rogerv says:

    Am I misunderstanding something about the page turning feature? My Paperwhite, purchased in December, 2013, requires just a soft touch to the edge of the screen to page forward or back. I do like the automatic light dimming feature.

    • Oh, no…. you’re not missing anything. That’s right, a screen tap turns the page (altho I tend to swipe). But, if I’m holding the book with my left hand only, and touch the screen on the left side, it goes to the previous page, not the next page. A sensor on the left side to go forward would be my ideal (older Kindles had that). A tap on the right side of the screen moves the page forward …. but when I am lounging in bed I can’t always reach the right side of the screen. A “small” detail, I know, but it becomes a huge issue (to me) late at night!
      Thanks for joining the conversation, and welcome! 🙂

  3. As a student of the librarian sciences, this is good news to my ears too. Thinner, better quality e-readers could effect how many patrons buy and use them, increasing both library and digital collection use. Follow my lkibrary technology blog at

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